A 2022 Guide to Sponsor the Visa of a Maid in Dubai

A 2022 guide to sponsor the visa of a maid in Dubai

Apart from sponsoring their family, expatriate residents are allowed to sponsor the visa of a maid in Dubai. Professionals and entrepreneurs may require the services of a maid to manage their household chores or take care of their kids while they are away at work. However, they need to hire a maid by legally sponsoring her UAE residency visa. The applicants need to meet several conditions and requirements to get a maid visa in Dubai. Availing of PRO services in Dubai is the best way to easily sponsor a maid’s visa.

In this article, we will discuss the process and rules for a maid visa in Dubai. Read ahead to know further:

Rules for Maid Visa in Dubai in 2022

Expatriate residents can sponsor a housemaid or nanny in Dubai if they meet certain conditions and requirements. PRO companies in Dubai can advise you on the rules governing the maid visa sponsorship. Residents meeting the following criteria can apply for a maid visa in Dubai:

  1. The sponsor should be earning a monthly salary of not less than AED 25,000
  2. The sponsor and the maid should not be related
  3. The sponsor should be a UAE resident living with his/her family (bachelors are not allowed to sponsor maids in Dubai)
  4. Currently, you can hire a maid from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia
  5. The sponsor must get medical insurance for the maid. It should be renewed annually

Maid Visa in Dubai: Rules Regarding Salary

There is a minimum wage for the maid depending on the nationality of the maid you intend to sponsor in Dubai. Companies providing PRO services in Dubai can advise you on the accurate salary requirement for the maids. Stated below is the minimum wage requirement for maids based on nationality:

  • Indian maids command a minimum monthly wage of AED 1,100
  • Indonesian maids should be provided with a minimum monthly salary of AED 800
  • The minimum monthly salary for a Filipina maid is AED 1469
  • Sri Lankan maids should be given a minimum monthly salary of AED 850
  • A maid from Nepal currently commands a minimum monthly salary of AED 900
  • A Bangladeshi maid commands a minimum salary of AED 750 per month

Refundable Deposits for Sponsoring a Maid in Dubai

When you calculate the cost of a maid visa in Dubai, do not forget to include the deposits to be made. This deposit must be made to the Embassy/consulate of the maid’s home country. However, it is refundable and you can get it back once the maid’s visa is cancelled. Below is a list of deposits based on the nationality of the maid:

  • India: AED 9200
  • Nepal: AED 5000
  • Sri Lanka: AED 3675
  • Philippine, Bangladesh, and Indonesian missions do not demand security deposits

Documents Required to Obtain a Maid Visa in Dubai

Expatriate residents who wish to sponsor a maid’s visa in Dubai must submit the following documents.

  • Passport copy of the maid and the sponsor
  • Colour photograph of maid with white background
  • Colour photograph of the sponsor with white background
  • Original passport of sponsor and spouse (for scanning purpose)
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Original attested marriage Certificate of the sponsor with legal translation in Arabic
  • Original Labour Contract
  • Original Salary Certificate (if the sponsor is a Government/Semi-government/Free zone Employee)
  • If the sponsor is an investor, he or she should submit an original Court Agreement showing their shareholding, a copy of the Trade License and Partners List (for LLC)
  • A tenancy contract showing a minimum of two bedrooms should be submitted. It should be attested through the Ejari online system of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
  • Original Electricity and Water Bill in the name of the sponsor or spouse.
  • An affidavit should be presented from the Consulate stating that the maid is not related to the Sponsor and spouse
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the Sponsor

Penalties for Hiring a Maid in Dubai Illegally

Hiring a maid in the UAE without meeting any of the conditions stipulated by the government is a punishable offence. To avoid paying the cost of a maid visa in Dubai, some individuals hire a maid on a visit visa. However, you will have to pay a fine of at least AED 50,000 for hiring an illegal maid in the UAE. You can avoid such penalties by availing of PRO services in Dubai.

Avail of Bespoke PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Sponsoring a maid in Dubai involves a series of steps and requirements. Meeting all of these requirements can be made easy by applying through the providers of PRO services in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). JBC has established a strong relationship with government departments, and it will help the residents to ease the visa application process. PRO companies in Dubai such as JBC can help you to avoid any unnecessary delays associated with obtaining a maid visa

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