A 2022 Guide To The Scope of Services Offered by PRO Firms in Dubai

a 2022 guide to the scope of services offered by pro firms in dubai

The service of a Government Liaison Officer popularly known as a Public Relations Officer (PRO) is inevitable for any foreign investor who wishes to start a company in Dubai. It’s not an easy task for a foreign investor to run a business in Dubai, complying with all the necessary procedures and paperwork. However, the services of PRO firms in Dubai help expatriate investors to navigate all such challenges with finesse. The following is a 2022 guide to the scope of services offered by PRO firms in Dubai.

What are PRO Firms in Dubai? 

Businesses need to prepare and submit a host of documents and submit them to relevant government departments and ministries for approval. Completing such burdensome paperwork on time will be hard for foreigners with a little or no experience in the market. However, PRO companies in Dubai can assist you in clearing all the relevant documents and procedures in compliance with the mandatory requirements.

Professional companies providing effective PRO services in Dubai employ people who are well-versed in labour laws and immigration laws. They also come with years of experience in dealing with the officials in government departments and Ministries. Their experience will save the investors from being entangled in unnecessary red tapes and delays. PRO companies normally assist you with procedures set out by the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labour, Dubai Immigration, free zone authorities, Dubai Municipality and other public departments.

What are the Services Offered by PRO Companies in Dubai? 

Companies incorporated in Dubai require the services of a PRO to successfully deal with the legalities and elaborate procedures related to company formation. PRO firms in Dubai can clear the path for the investors to steer clear of processes including business incorporation, visa approvals, and processing other government documents. The following are some of the major services offered by PRO companies that facilitate ease of doing business in Dubai:

  • Applying for visas of investors and their partners in a free zone or mainland company
  • Renewal of visas of investors and their partners in a free zone or mainland company
  • Cancellation of a partner, investor’s visa for a free zone or mainland company
  • Processing the visas of the employees of a free zone or mainland company
  • Processing the visas of spouse, parents, children, maid and driver of investors
  • Attesting company documents with the Notary public & the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Processing of Golden Visa, Green Visa etc.
  • Getting the company incorporation documents translated into multiple languages
  • Applying for the trade license of a free zone or a mainland company
  • Renewing the trade license of a free zone or a mainland company within the deadline
  • Applying for immigration and labour card, Establishment Card
  • Renewal of immigration and labour card, Establishment Card
  • Assistance for the registration of EJARI (Tenancy contract signed with the DLD)
  • Getting import/export and other legal documents attested through a public notary
  • Drafting documents for government approvals and obtaining NOC from relevant ministries
  • Submitting relevant documents to the government departments
  • Connecting documents from bank and various UAE government departments
  • Assist the entrepreneurs in cancelling visas, Immigration, Labour and Establishment of Card

Why Investors Should Hire PRO Firms in Dubai? 

Outsourcing to PRO firms in Dubai, instead of hiring an in-house employee, will have a positive trickle-down effect on the smooth functions of your company. Hiring an in-house professional will force you to take care of sponsoring his visa, salary, benefits, insurance, and other relevant expenses. Yet, the quality of the employee’s services will be limited to his expertise, experience, attitude and efficiency.

Instead of taking such a risk, you can avail yourself of quality PRO services in Dubai. Outsourcing means you need to pay only for what you get. It saves you money and valuable time. PRO firms in Dubai will alert you on important deadlines, saving you from penalties.

Hire the PRO Services of Jitendra Business Consultants 

The services of PRO firms in Dubai are critical for foreign investors to clear mandatory requirements related to company incorporation and immigration. PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help you to navigate immigration formalities, issuance or renewal of trade licenses, passport clearance, processing of visas, etc.

Failing to meet these legal requirements and paper works will delay the business registration process or even may lead to penalties for non-compliance. Investors who have little knowledge about the UAE laws or experienced businessmen who have no time to look into such matters entrust JBC for availing efficient PRO services in Dubai.

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