What are the Major Advantages of Starting an Offshore Company in Jafza?


Offshore company formation in Jafza is highly popular among foreign investors due to a wide range of reasons. For example, registering an offshore company with Jafza makes it easier for you to expand into an international market and enjoy access to international funding. Offshore company incorporation in Jafza also enables foreign investors to keep their assets separate from their operating entities. However, the benefits of starting an offshore company in Jafza do not end there. Read ahead to find out more:

You can Enjoy 100% foreign ownership

You are not required to appoint a UAE national as your partner to register an offshore company with JAFZA. Foreign investors can have 100% ownership of their Jafza offshore company. Jafza offshore company registration gives you peace of mind as you need not worry about any kind of ownership dispute in the future.

Jafza companies can hold real estate in Dubai

Ownership of real estate is one of the key benefits associated with offshore company formation in Jafza. You can own freehold properties in Dubai while opening a Jafza offshore company. You have to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Land Department to own property in the emirate via a corporate structure. Registered agents in Jafza can help you navigate the procedures of owning property through the offshore structure.

Company Registration in Jafza is Swift

Foreign investors starting a mainland UAE company often fret about the special approvals and permits required. Extensive bureaucracy is involved to get the approval for a Dubai mainland trade license. However, you don’t need to navigate any lengthy government procedures regarding offshore company incorporation in Jafza. The process is swift and registered agents in Dubai can take care of the paperwork required to start the Jafza company.

No Need to Look for an Office Space

A registered address is mandatory for Jafza offshore company incorporation. However, foreign investors are not required to rent office space to show the registered address of the company. You can start an offshore company only through registered agents in the UAE. They might be having an office space inside Jafza. Foreign investors can use the address of this office as the registered address of their offshore company in Jafza. This provision will also make the process of setting up an offshore company in Jafza much more cost-effective.

A Great Way to Protect your Assets

Protection of assets is one of the top reasons foreign investors set up an offshore company in Jafza. Starting an offshore company is a great way to protect your assets from creditors, plaintiffs, attorneys, family members, ex-spouses, etc. If you belong to a country where people file a lawsuit on a whim, registering an offshore company is more beneficial than setting up a trust or a foundation.

When you register an offshore company with Jafza, the company will be a limited liability partnership within the Free Zone. The liabilities of your company will be limited to its paid-up capital. This means that your assets will not be at risk even if your business fails or goes bankrupt for any reason. If you are worried about the potential risks to your assets, shift your international company to Jafza offshore with the help of registered agents in Dubai.

Ability to Open a Bank Account

Since offshore companies are not allowed to carry out business activities within the UAE, investors may be worried about how they can open a bank account in Dubai. Offshore companies registered with Jafza can open a corporate bank account without much struggle. However, you may need to consider the KYC requirements set out by the banks on account of the AML-CFT laws before opening an account. Registered agents with Jafza can provide you with more information on the KYC requirements to open an offshore bank account.

Choose JBC to Set Up Your Jafza Offshore Company

Setting up an offshore company in Jafza provides you with a range of financial and legal benefits. However, the process of offshore company formation can appear confusing and complicated if you have never gone through the process in the UAE before. Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can provide you with fast and efficient support to ensure you can register an offshore company with Jafza without any hassle.

JBC has been helping businesses and individuals with every aspect of company formation in Dubai to make it as smooth and easy as possible. Beyond setting up an offshore company in the UAE, JBC also provides a range of corporate services such as UAE corporate tax advisory, Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO). If you want to find out more about offshore company formation services in Dubai, contact JBC today.

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