Moving to the UAE: Learn about Benefits of Having a Residence Visa

Moving to the UAE Learn about Benefits of Having a Residence Visa

The UAE is frequently ranked among the top countries in the world for expatriates due to its economic stability, standard of living, and security. However, you need to obtain a UAE residency visa to live, work or do business in the country legally. You can avail of PRO services in Dubai to obtain a residency visa without hassle. However, it is advisable to analyze the benefits of having a UAE residence visa before getting one. If you are planning to apply for a UAE residence visa, the below article will guide you on the benefits you can have:

Open a Bank Account

If you are seeking to open a bank account in the UAE, you will need to submit certain mandatory documents to the bank. The UAE Emirates ID is the most important document the banks will ask you to submit for opening an account. You can get an Emirates ID only if you have a UAE residence visa. You may still be able to open a non-resident bank account in the UAE. However, it comes with certain restrictions and you may not be able to access certain important banking services. Consult with PRO firms in Dubai to quickly get your residence visa.

Access to Financial Facilities

Opening a bank account is not the only benefit you can avail of by having a UAE residence visa. By becoming a UAE residence visa holder, you can have easy access to financial services such as applying for a car loan, personal loan or mortgage. Pro companies in Dubai can help you navigate the legal requirements associated with the residence visa application process.

Apply for a Driving License

Getting a driver’s license will be one of the top priorities of most expatriates once they become UAE residents. People of certain nationalities can convert their current license into a UAE driver’s license after they get a residence visa. Other can apply at a driving institute to take driving lessons and a test, before getting a driving license. However, you need to get a UAE residence visa first to apply for a driver’s license.

Access to Government Health Services and Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in some emirates and optional in other emirates. For example, getting health insurance is mandatory for UAE residents in emirates such as Dubai. The cost of healthcare will become a financial burden for you in the absence of medical insurance coverage. Holders of UAE residence visas can easily obtain a health insurance package.

You Can Sponsor Your Family and Domestic Workers

If you have a UAE residence visa, you can bring your spouse, parents and children into the country. You can also sponsor maids, drivers or other domestic workers if you are a resident of the UAE. Holders of a UAE Golden Visa can sponsor an unlimited number of domestic workers. However, you need to meet certain salary conditions to be eligible to sponsor the residence visas of your family. Avail of PRO services in Dubai to know the conditions to sponsor your family.

Register Your Children in Schools

The UAE is one of the leading education hubs in the Middle East region. UAE residence visa holders can sponsor their children and register them in any of the leading schools in the country.

Work or Invest in the UAE

If you are holding a UAE residence visa, you can find a wide range of options to either work or invest in the country. The UAE has recently introduced special categories of long-term residence visas such as Golden Visa, Green Visa etc. to help expatriates access these benefits.

Avail of Bespoke PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Getting a UAE residence visa comes with a wide range of benefits. However, you need to navigate certain legal requirements to become a resident in the UAE. Foreigners might struggle to fulfil these requirements as they are not aware of the UAE Immigration Law and residency procedures. However, PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help them easily obtain a residence visa. JBC is a leading provider of PRO services in Dubai with years of experience. We provide all types of visas including the UAE Golden Visas and Green Visas hassle-free. Contact us today for a valuable consultation.

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