DAFZA’s Talent Pass: New Licensing Opportunity For Skilled Freelancers

DAFZA’s Talent Pass New Licensing Opportunity for Skilled Freelancers

Freelancing is one of the top sectors generating unparalleled interest among entrepreneurs and investors in the post-pandemic world. The Dubai government has sensed the potential of this sector and introduced new policies allowing licensing opportunities for freelancers. The Talent Pass License introduced by Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) at the start of 2022 signals the renewed interest the sector is generating. The newly launched Talent Pass License is expected to transform the process of business setup in Dubai by attracting and retaining global talent.

The Talent Pass is a freelance permit offered by DAFZA, which allows individuals to carry out professional work independently. The Talent Pass gives more options to Dubai based professionals to be their own boss. Professionals who wish to apply for a Talent Pass License must assess its features, benefits and facilities offered by DAFZA before proceeding. Business set up consultants in Dubai can assist aspiring freelancers in the licensing process.

Read ahead to know further about the Talent Pass License launched by DAFZA:

What is a Talent Pass? 

Talent Pass is a license offered by DAFZA, which authorises individuals to conduct freelancing activities in Dubai. DAFZA’s Talent Pass License allows freelancers to enjoy benefits such as a UAE residency visa and the ability to lease a smart office. Unlike a normal business license, a Talent Pass License allows individuals to carry out their activities under their birth name instead of a company name. Consult with business setup consultants in Dubai for more information on the license.

Business Sectors Covered by Talent Pass License 

As per the regulations of business setup in Dubai, the activities of a freelance permit holder is restricted to a few sectors. The same rule applies to the Talent Pass License issued by DAFZA free zone. The activities permitted by a Talent Pass License span across key sectors such as art, technology, marketing, culture, education, marketing and consultancy. Business set up advisers in Dubai can help to supply more details on the activities permitted by Talent Pass License.

Benefits of Obtaining Talent Pass License in DAFZA 

The launch of the Talent Pass License by DAFZA is widely regarded as a positive movement in boosting the creative sectors. Moreover, the freelancers can tap into the gaps in Dubai’s workforce landscape and leverage the benefits. As companies started looking for a cost-effective hiring solution in a post-pandemic era, freelancers have emerged as a viable option. Talent Pass License is a freelancer’s best chance to benefit from the spike in demand for freelancers in Dubai. Apart from that, freelancers are entitled to the following benefits by applying for a Talent Pass License in DAFZA:

Entitlement to UAE Residency Visa 

DAFZA’s Talent Pass License comes with a three-year UAE Residency Visa. The process of getting the visa is straightforward as DAFZA provides specialised visa processing services. Individuals who apply through business consultants in Dubai can get the Residency Visa quicker as they offer bespoke PRO services.

Access to DAFZA’s facilities & office spaces 

Generally, freelancers are not required to rent an office space within the free zone as they are allowed to work from anywhere. However, freelancers who lack access to a productive environment can access DAFZA’s facilities to complete their work. Talent Pass license holders are entitled to work from a dedicated desk and access other business facilities in the free zone such as meeting rooms.

Ability to access services offered by DAFZA 

Freelancers need not bother about meeting the administrative or government-related requirements as DAFZA offers a wide range of business setup and administrative services to both new and existing clients. If you are operating from a DAFZA facility, the free zone’s tailor-made services will make the day-to-day business operations smoother, letting you focus on your core competencies. Talent Pass License holders can directly access services such as a dedicated Government Service Centre, banks, telecommunications companies and other service providers.

Chance to source work from DAFZA’s customers 

Talent Pass License holders have access to a directory of free zone companies that can potentially hire freelance services. If a company in the free zone is looking for an editor or a photographer, they can hire the individual through a centralised directory of freelancers who are licensed by DAFZA. The directory is beneficial for Talent Pass License holders as DAFZA customers range from international companies to small and medium enterprises (SME) as well as entrepreneurs. Moreover, Talent Pass license holders operating from DAFZA’s coworking spaces can meet, talk, network and collaborate with entrepreneurs, CEOs etc.

Eligibility for UAE Golden Visa 

Apart from getting a license and a three-year Residency visa, the Talent Pass holders may eventually become eligible for the much-coveted UAE Golden Visa. Talent Pass Holders validated by DAFZA stand a chance to obtain a Golden Visa granted by the Dubai Culture and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Talent Pass holders can consult with business setup consultants in Dubai to understand the eligibility criteria of the Golden Visa.

Get a Talent Pass License through Jitendra Business Consultants 

The landscape of business setup in Dubai keeps on changing positively on the back of new reforms and regulations. The latest of such inspiring reforms came in the form of a Talent Pass License offered by DAFZA. Individuals from creative and tech sectors can operate as freelancers using the Talent Pass license, visa and facilities provided by DAFZA. Business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help the freelancers obtain a Talent Pass hassle-free.

JBC is a leading provider of business setup services in Dubai with over 20 years of experience. We have a team of highly qualified business setup experts well-versed in UAE laws and regulations. JBC has a good rapport with free zones including DAFZA and freelancers can benefit from our market experience. Apart from helping you obtain the Talent Pass, JBC can guide you through visa processing, bank account opening, Golden Visa process etc. For a seamless licensing experience, avail of our services at the earliest.

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