DHA Licensing Requirements for Healthcare Facilities & Professionals

DHA Licensing Requirements for Healthcare Facilities & Professionals

Starting a healthcare business in Dubai is a lucrative idea, especially after the demand for the service surged after the Covid-19 pandemic. The regulations of business setup in Dubai allow both qualified professionals and companies to provide healthcare services in the emirate. However, both qualified professionals, as well as healthcare facilities, are required to obtain a license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to deliver the services.

DHA has set out a streamlined procedure for issuing a license for healthcare service providers in Dubai. The standard procedure and requirements vary for qualified professionals and healthcare facilities. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help you obtain a DHA license by ensuring legal compliance. Meanwhile, let’s discuss the requirements and processes associated with obtaining a DHA license in Dubai.

DHA License for Qualified Professionals

Individuals with professional qualifications can apply for a DHA license to provide their services in Dubai. Qualified professionals who wish to provide traditional, alternative or complementary methods of medical treatment and healing can apply for a DHA license in Dubai. Some of the categories of qualified professionals eligible to apply for DHA license in Dubai are,

  • General Practitioners including physicians and dentists
  • Allied health professionals such as nurses, midwives, pharmacists and physiotherapists
  • Specialists and consultants

Documents Required for Obtaining a DHA License for Individuals

Individuals with professional qualifications in the relevant field must gather certain documents before applying for a DHA license in Dubai. Seeking assistance from business setup advisers in Dubai can help them make the process hassle-free. Some of the mandatory documents are stated below:

  1. Passport size photograph
  2. Copy of valid passport
  3. Professionals must be registered and grant the facility consent on being licensed
  4. Valid medical fitness report if the applicant is 65 years or above
  5. Valid medical malpractice insurance
  6. Valid labour card (for non-UAE nationals)
  7. Pay outstanding fines (if applicable)
  8. Logbook for Surgeons licensed in an outpatient healthcare facility for more than 2 years and applying for a part-time license in a Day Surgical Centre or Hospital

DHA Licensing Process for Healthcare Professionals

Once the documents have been arranged, the professionals must carry out the following steps for obtaining a DHA license:

  1. Eligibility assessment using a self-assessment tool
  2. Create an ID on DHA’s Sheryan portal
  3. Clear the relevant tests such as cognitive behaviour therapy & primary source verification
  4. Pay fee and register as a professional on Sheryan portal
  5. Clear the oral examination
  6. Activate the license after registering as a professional

DHA License Requirements for Healthcare Facilities

All types of health facilities operating in Dubai are regulated and licensed by the DHA. Investors and companies wishing to set up, license and operate a health facility in the emirate must meet the following requirements:

  • Investors and their representatives can apply for a DHA license in Dubai
  • Passport copies of owners/partners must be submitted
  • Submit engineering Layout from an engineering/design company
  • Prepare facility proposal which must be filled in the application form
  • Trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Commercial Property Use NOC in case the location is classified as Residential (if applicable)

Procedure for Obtaining DHA License in Dubai

The following process has to be executed to obtain a health facility license from DHA:

  • Obtain trade name and initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Sign the LSA and civil work agreement
  • Fill online application
  • Submit your partner’s documents
  • Pay required fees
  • Prepare your facility for DHA inspection
  • Approved requests are issued with inactive facility license

Once your license is issued, the company needs to register its medical director, the required number of doctors and nurses according to DHA requirements. However, usually, at least one doctor and two nurses have to be hired.

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