Dubai Free Zones: Top Things You Must Know About Flexi Desk Options

Dubai free zones Top things you must know about flexi desk options

Dubai is a leading hub for lucrative industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, e-commerce and tourism. Every business, be it big or small, has to base its office in a space that matches its business requirements. Companies that opt for business setup in Dubai free zones can base their office in Flexi-desks at affordable costs.

Every free zone offers the Flexi-desk option to their clients and is more popular among solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and SMEs. Flexi-desk packages come with low overheads, minimal upfront investment, and instant access to business facilities. However, not all free zones offer the same Flexi desk package, so you need to do in-depth research before making any commitment. When conducting this initial research, it’s a good idea to approach business setup consultants in Dubai to discuss your requirements and talk through a few options.

Below is a brief overview of common Flexi Desk benefits every entrepreneur must know:

1. Have a Premium Free Zone Address

Entrepreneurs can set up their office space in locations that are in high demand. A Flexi desk in such cases cut the costs typically associated with renting a workspace in premium locations. Having an office space in premium business districts at relatively cheaper costs becomes a reality with the Flexi Desks.

Having a Flexi desk in a premium Dubai free zone gives the entrepreneurs access to locations that are closer to metro routes, banks or potential clients. By renting a Flexi desk, the investors can also have an address in a neighbourhood that is well-regarded by the business community.

2. Access to All Facilities

The word Flexi desk usually conjures up the image of a single desk, a laptop and a chair. However, Flexi desks in Dubai are more than a desk as the entrepreneurs get to use other shared facilities that are important to the business operations. Flexi desks provide a fully-furnished, pre-cabled workspace that comes with a staffed reception, and a phone number that the entrepreneurs can refer to their clients.

Free zones in Dubai have several customised Flexi desk packages that are tailor-made to suit the needs of the investors. The entrepreneurs can choose the right packages and pay only for what they require for usage.

3. Easy Budgeting with a Single Monthly Bill

Unlike the full-fledged office spaces, a Flexi desk offers the most convenient billing method for start-ups and freelancers. The rent, rates of furniture, reception, maintenance, cleaning services and IT support are included in the fixed monthly membership fee. This is a great convenience for entrepreneurs as it eliminates the cost of hiring or managing these services. Also, the entrepreneurs need not face any unexpected costs that may impede their business operations.

4. Flexi Desks Offer Room to Grow or Shrink

Flexi desks provide the investors with an opportunity to grow or shrink their business. Flexi desks are the preferred choice of businesses whose headcount changes more often. Cutting down staff strength is a common phenomenon in the landscape of business setup in Dubai, especially for Startups. Renting a Flexi desk in a free zone may come in handy for entrepreneurs when they downsize their company.

5. Networking Opportunities

By renting a Flexi desk in a Dubai free zone, you can frequently interact with other businesses and entrepreneurs in the workspace – either by chance or during special events. Such meetings give you valuable opportunities to network and potentially find new customers or business partners.

6. Chance to be Part of Social Events

Freelancers may often find it too lonely to work. However, if you have a free zone licence with a Flexi desk, you can be part of the social events conducted close to your workspace in the free zone. Most free zones frequently carry out training sessions, networking events, workshops and other similar events where you can meet with other freelancers and interact.

7. General Free Zone Benefits

Basing your company in a Dubai free zone offers you a series of common free zone benefits such as low taxation, 100% repatriation of profits, 100% ownership, strategic location, robust infrastructure etc. Seek the help of business setup consultants in Dubai to select the best Flexi desk options offered by free zones.

Hire the Top Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

A Flexi desk in Dubai is the most ideal workspace option for Startups that don’t seek to rent a standalone office. However, choosing the right free zone that offers suitable Flexi desk options is a tough task, for which you can get help from business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

JBC can guide you on the Flexi desk packages offered by more than 35 active free zones in Dubai. Apart from that, our highly qualified consultants can help you to select the business activities, process the visas, draft all the legal documents and apply for a trade license. Hire our company formation consultants to set up a business in Dubai hassle-free.

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