How Does Dubai Support Entrepreneurs in the Creative Sectors?

How Does Dubai Support Entrepreneurs in the Creative Sectors

Professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in creative fields are showing renewed interest in the environment of business set up in Dubai. An increased number of writers, content creators and artists are moving to Dubai because for a wide range of reasons such as long-term visas, faster trade license issuance, hassle-free company formation process, and the creation of special zones etc.

Moreover, creative professionals can speed up the company incorporation process by consulting with business setup consultants in Dubai. The following article will tell you more about the ways in which Dubai supports entrepreneurs in the creative sectors. Read ahead to gain more information:

Dubai Creative Economy Strategy

Dubai Creative Economy Strategy aims to turn Dubai into a hub of global talents and the global capital of the creative economy by 2026. The government aims to achieve this ambitious goal by developing the necessary legislative and investment environment for the emirate’s creative sector, increasing its attractiveness to creative people, investors and entrepreneurs.

The strategy also aims to more than double the number of Dubai-based creative companies from 8,300 in 2020 to 15,000 by 2026, and more than double the number of creative professionals based in the emirate, from 70,000 in 2020 to 140,000 by 2026. The strategy covers creative fields such as:

  • Publishing
  • Writing
  • Print and audio-visual media such as cinema, music and video
  • Artistic and cultural industries
  • Cultural heritage museums
  • Historical sites
  • Archives
  • Major cultural events
  • Libraries
  • Software and videogame industry

Creation of Al Quoz Creative Zone

The Al Quoz Creative Zone has been launched to provide a hub for creative professionals. It provides facilities, services and incentives for entrepreneurs and investors in the creative fields to live and work. The Al Quoz Creative Zone has been established in line with the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy and offers all creative-related services, licenses and permits. The zone hosts a wide range of cultural and creative industries and creative businesses, such as the publishing and book industry, audio-visual and print media; cinema, music, art exhibitions, cultural events and activities and more. Consult with business setup consultants in Dubai for more details.

‘Creatives’ Journey’

The government of Dubai established the ‘Creatives’ Journey’ scheme to speed up the incorporation and operation of creative businesses in the emirate. Dubai Culture and Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) are the government authorities that created this program as part of the ‘Invest in Dubai’ platform. This initiative helps creative professionals to set up their businesses without any delay.

After logging into the platform, creative professionals can choose the business activity, define the legal structure, pay for their licence, and obtain the establishment certificate issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship through a hassle-free online process. The platform focuses mainly on sectors such as Cultural and natural heritage, books and press, performing arts and celebration, audio-visual and interactive media, visual arts and crafts, and design and creative services.

The UAE Cultural Golden Visa

Professionals who excel in various creative sectors can set up a base in Dubai through long-term residency. The UAE Cultural Golden Visa grants a 10-year residency for professionals in the creative fields. Artists, singers, curators, dancers, musicians or performers are eligible for the long-term visa. However, the visa requires a recommendation or approval from a federal or local government entity. Business setup advisers in Dubai can help you apply for a cultural Golden Visa.

Collaborations with Free Zones

The Dubai Culture has partnered with Dubai CommerCity free zone to offer an exclusive range of support services for businesses from diverse creative sectors such as music, fine arts, photography, film and video production, video game development, fashion design, graphic design, product design, interior and landscape design, architectural services, advertising services, and IT and software services. As part of the partnership, creative companies get access to facilities like workspaces, studios, conference rooms, exhibitions and logistics, consultation and banking services.

Consult with the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Creative professionals can set up a business in Dubai easily by leveraging the opportunities and initiatives listed in this blog. However, the process of business setup in Dubai involves many steps and complex requirements. These can be navigated by applying for a license through business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

JBC is one of the leading providers of business setup services in Dubai with 21-plus years of industry experience. We can advise you on the right free zone, legal structure, business activity and hidden costs before opting for company formation in Dubai. JBC can help you with visa processing, document drafting and bank accounting opening as well. Our highly qualified consultants can also help you comply with regulations related to the UAE Corporate Tax, Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) etc. Contact us today for a valuable consultation on how to set up a business in Dubai without any hassle or headache.

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