Opening a Facilities Management Company in Dubai: Opportunities & Requirements

Opening a facilities management company in Dubai Opportunities & Requirements

While analysing the landscape of business setup in Dubai, we can see that it is ideal for setting up a facilities management company. A glance at the cityscape tells that Dubai is dotted with plenty of skyscrapers, buildings and many construction projects in progress. Managing these buildings has turned out to be a profitable business opportunity.

It means setting up a facility management company in Dubai is a lucrative opportunity. However, you need to be aware of the laws and procedures governing the process of company formation in Dubai. Consulting with business setup consultants in Dubai can help you navigate such legal requirements.

In this article, we have compiled certain prerequisites that will let you prepare before approaching any company formation expert in Dubai. Let’s start exploring the following guide to getting your facility management license in Dubai.

Benefits of Starting a Facility Management Company in Dubai 

The benefits of obtaining a facility management license in Dubai are numerous as the city has several big hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and tourist attractions. Also, new real estate projects are being launched, offering opportunities for facility management businesses. All such services need to be managed by a professional team to deliver exemplary services.

The facilities management sector can benefit from the emirate’s tourism sector apart from the increased investments in the construction sector. As per a recent Facility Management Market Research Report, the UAE facility management market is poised to touch USD 39,680m by 2030. It means that initiating the process of business setup in Dubai makes sense for investors in the facilities management industry.

Steps to Start a Facility Management Company in Dubai, UAE 

Carefully executing all the mandatory steps in the process of business setup in Dubai is the key to quickly obtaining a trade license. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the competent authority issuing trade licenses for companies in the Dubai mainland. Knowing all the DED procedures is practically difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to get a facilities management license in Dubai. However, business setup consultants in Dubai can help them by imparting their legal expertise and the local market experience. Below are the key steps you must know about opening a facilities management company in Dubai mainland:

Decide on Your Business Activity 

You must choose a business activity by browsing through the DED business activity list. The activity you choose must perfectly align with your business plan. Selecting the wrong activity may negatively impact your business. Therefore it’s worth bringing the services of company formation specialists to Dubai to avoid any negative impact.

Choose a Company Name 

The DED has stringent rules regarding the trade names of companies. While selecting a trading name for your facilities management company, you must avoid any language that could appear offensive or blasphemous. It is also essential to avoid a name already held by a well-known company.

Select a Legal Structure 

A legal structure must be determined based on the number of shareholders in your company. Thereafter, you can follow these steps:

  • Rent a premise to operate
  • Prepare your documents and make the payment
  • Reserve your trade name
  • Receive approval
  • Apply for the UAE visa
  • Collect visa

In all these situations, speaking with business setup consultants in Dubai can help you to meet the exact requirements. It will enable you to obtain the license quickly, apart from being fully compliant throughout the process of business setup in Dubai.

Documents Required for a Facility Management License In Dubai

Whether you are submitting the application by yourself or through business setup consultants in Dubai, you need to submit specific basic documentation, including:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport copy of the proposed business owner/s
  • Two colour passport size photo

The DED may demand specific documents during the process of company incorporation in Dubai. If you work with a company formation specialist, you can ensure that you have complied with the mandatory requirements at each stage of business setup in Dubai.

Work with the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai 

The process of business setup in Dubai mainland requires you to comply with all the regulations set out by the DED, the immigration department, the labour ministry, and relevant government departments.  Being accustomed to such complex laws may take some time for a new entrepreneur. However, business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help you to meet all the legal requirements.

JBC has a team of experienced consultants well-versed in DED or free zone procedures, the UAE immigration law and labour laws. This immense experience can save you from committing any sort of errors during the process of company formation in Dubai. With our expertise, you can obtain your license without any hassle.

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