Top Free Zones Offering E-Gaming Licenses in the UAE

Top free zones offering e-gaming licenses in the UAE

The Middle East’s gaming industry is booming with the UAE set to dominate the sector along with Saudi Arabia. Big video game companies and hardware makers have been conducting high-profile e-sports events targeting e-gaming fans from the UAE and other countries in the region. The gaming industry is proliferating in the UAE with nine in ten adults playing video games. Amidst these upbeat statistics, many free zones in the country are offering business licenses, which facilitate the setting up of e-gaming businesses in the UAE.

Foreign investors are advised by the positive environment of business setup in Dubai to start their e-gaming companies in line with the prevalent rules and regulations. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help you navigate the rules and regulations set out by the various free zones. Keep reading to know more about the free zones offering e-gaming licenses in the UAE:

Twofour54 Free Zone, Abu Dhabi

The twofour54 free zone in Abu Dhabi offers a Gaming Development license for businesses and freelancers. This license enables professionals in fields such as game development, e-sports, virtual and augmented reality, animation and web and app development to set up a business in twofour54. The twofour54 free zone is the first free zone in the UAE to offer a dedicated gaming license and many free zones have followed suit after this. Business setup consultants in UAE can help you get a gaming license from the twofour54 free zone.

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone’s (RAKEZ)’s e-gaming license supports investors in the fast-growing gaming value chain including software and hardware developers, publishers, and streaming and support services providers. The RAK e-gaming package covers 18 e-gaming core and support service activities. Investors are allowed to select up to three activities in their primary license with access to the RAKEZ business centre.

DMCC Gaming License

The Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC) recently opened the DMCC Gaming centre allowing entrepreneurs to obtain a gaming license in Dubai. To facilitate the process of setting up a gaming business in Dubai, DMCC launched the Gaming Centre during the Dubai Esports Festival. The DMCC gaming centre creates a supportive ecosystem in which all types of gaming and e-sports companies can thrive. The DMCC currently hosts over 50 gaming companies comprising game developers, game content producers, e-sports teams and tournament organisers. Business setup consultants in Dubai can provide you with more details on the DMCC gaming centre.

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Sharjah Media City, E-Gaming License

The Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) free zone allows entrepreneurs to open a gaming company in the UAE cost-effectively. The Shams e-gaming license enables aspiring gamers to generate a solid income in three ways: by organising gaming events or competitions, by developing games (as an independent developer), and by streaming games online. As a free zone, Shams will also provide logistical and regulatory support to several e-sports and gaming companies to organise tournaments and create content to develop the local and regional gaming and e-sports business.

Some Free Zones under Dubai Development Authority

Dubai Development Authority (DDA) is a free zone authority that regulates free zones including Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City among others. DDA-regulated free zones such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City offer trade licenses for entrepreneurs carrying out gaming and e-sport activities in Dubai. Both free zones provide licenses for activities such as Digital and Interactive Game Development, Gaming Publishing, E-sports Events, Marketing of Gaming & E-Sports, import/re-export of gaming-related products, and assembling of products related to the gaming industry. Company setup experts in Dubai can help you obtain an e-gaming license from both Media City and Internet City.

Hire the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Setting up an e-gaming business in Dubai is a lucrative opportunity for gaming and e-sports entrepreneurs. Fortunately, many free zones in the UAE offer e-gaming and e-sports licenses for entrepreneurs and even freelancers. However, seeking advice from business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help you choose the right free zone.

JBC offers bespoke business setup services in Dubai so that you can easily navigate the rules and regulations of the government and the relevant licensing authorities. JBC can help you accurately select activities, determine an appropriate legal structure and properly draft legal documents. JBC’s bespoke company setup services in Dubai also include visa processing, assistance in bank account opening, and compliance services such as ESR, UBO, and AML-CFT.

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