A Guide for Investors on the Change in UAE Free Zone Visa Validity

A Guide for Investors on the Change in UAE Free Zone Visa Validity

You can point out many differences between setting up a business in the UAE free zones as opposed to that on the mainland. The validity of the visas, including employment visas, is also one of the top differences between the free zone and mainland companies. However, investors need to be aware that the validity of a UAE visa issued by free zones has now been reduced to two years from the previous validity of three years.

Foreign investors, entrepreneurs and employees need to consider this visa validity change while making business or work-related decisions. It is highly advisable to consult with providers of PRO services in Dubai to know the impact of this change on your business or work. Let’s read ahead to know further:

Free Zones Disabling Three-year Visa: What’s it About? 

PRO companies in Dubai recently received notifications from free zones that they are discontinuing the issuance of three-year visas. This means you can apply for visas with a validity of one or two years. This new change in the free zone visa validity is as per the latest update from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. As per the new rule, the three-year visa validity will no longer be available for all visa applications including new visas, visa renewal and visa transfers across the UAE. Companies providing PRO services in Dubai can offer you further guidance on the new visa regulations.

What Will Happen to the Current Applications? 

As of now, we are depending on the information provided by relevant free zones regarding the impact of the new rule on the new applications. As per the notification issued by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) free zone, the new UAE visa rule also applies to member companies who have an ongoing three-year visa application under process. For the applications where the visa stamping is yet to be completed the visa validity will automatically be converted to two years of validity. In such a case, the applicants are not required to reapply for the visa.

What Visas Will Be Affected by the New Visa Rule?

If you are an entrepreneur or investor looking to register a company in the UAE free zones, you can get an employment visa or an investor visa. Your dependents are also allowed to apply for the UAE residence visa once you get the investor or employment visa. Both employment and investor visas issued by the UAE free zones will now be valid for only two years. Avail of PRO services in Dubai to easily apply for a free zone investor visa or employment visa.

Will There Be Any Difference in the Fee Paid for the Free Zone Visa?

As per communication from the DMCC, the “fee difference will be automatically refunded to the DMCC Member Portal account once the visa stamping process is completed.” The DMCC message also conveys the following:

“In addition, as a result of the latest updates, all the dependent’s visa services will be temporarily disabled on the DMCC Member Portal until further notice and all ongoing applications will be cancelled and fees will be refunded for any non-provided service. If the entry permit has been issued, you may proceed for stamping to any typing centre.” Consult with PRO firms in Dubai for gaining more clarity on this.

What Should Entrepreneurs Do Now?

The new developments on free zone visas happened in line with the new UAE Advanced Visa System launched by the government recently. Foreign investors are entrepreneurs are advised to consult with their relevant free zone authorities to understand how they are proceeding with the new visa rules. You can also watch out for any updates from the FAIC regarding the visa rules. Investors who are busy planning their business operations can seek the assistance of PRO firms in Dubai for navigating this situation.

Consult with the Best PRO Service Providers in Dubai, UAE 

The business setup landscape in Dubai is continuously changing and foreign investors need to stay updated on the latest reforms and regulations. However, navigating this dynamic environment will not be easy without getting help from experienced PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). We are one of the best providers of PRO services in Dubai with years of experience.

JBC’s dedicated PRO professionals can assure proper delivery of services such as Visa processing, Document Clearing, Emirates ID processing, timely reminders on renewals, cancellations, form submissions, visa applications, etc.  JBC keeps our clients informed about all the latest regulations and norms in visa application, company formation, free zone regulations, etc. With JBC’s assistance, it will be easy for the companies to connect with government ministries and departments. JBC assures the highest level of efficiency with the documents submitted and delivers them at affordable costs.

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