How to get a Dubai Mainland Sports Events Marketing License?

How to get a Dubai Mainland Sports Events Marketing License?

A few decades ago, Dubai was almost non-existent on the world sports map. Thanks to the visionary leaders, the emirate has evolved from a barren wasteland to one of the world’s leading sports hubs.

Dubai now hosts major mixed martial arts events, NBA exhibition games, cycling tours, Formula One races, FIFA soccer tournaments, pro golf and international cricket matches. The emirate is also known for the Dubai Tennis Championships, which has Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Venus Williams as past champions.

This growth is favourable for foreign investors planning to obtain a Dubai Mainland Sports Events Marketing License. However, you must understand the regulations governing the process of business setup in Dubai mainland to make things easier. Business setup consultants in Dubai can show you a simple way to get the license without any hassle.

This blog will help you understand the hurdles you must navigate to get a Dubai Mainland Sports Events Marketing License:

What is a Dubai Mainland Sports Events Marketing License?

The Sports Events Marketing License is a Professional License issued by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET, formerly DED). DET, the Dubai mainland licensing authority, issues this license to “firms engaged in marketing and promoting championships and festivals on behalf of the sport and cultural authorities and clubs, as well as finding official sponsors for such events, including the follow-up all the contracting subsequent formalities.” Business setup advisers in Dubai can advise you on the activities permitted under this license.

Does Sports Events Marketing Require Any Approval?

As per the regulations of company formation in Dubai, Sports Events Marketing is a special activity that requires external approval. An investor wishing to set up a sports events marketing business in Dubai must obtain approval from the Dubai Sports Council. The DET will issue the Sports Events Marketing license only after you submit the documents showing the approval from the Dubai Sports Council. The best business setup consultants in Dubai can guide you on the external approval procedures.

The Steps to get a Sports Events Marketing License in Dubai

DET has outlined certain highly streamlined steps for setting up a business in Dubai mainland. Foreign investors adhering to these steps can get the license hassle-free. The following are the steps to open a Sports Events Marketing company in Dubai mainland:

  • Choose the desired activity
  • Select a name for the company
  • Determine an appropriate legal structure based on the number of shareholders
  • Get DET’s initial approval
  • Obtain Dubai Sports Council Approval
  • Rent an office space and get the tenancy contract (Ejari)
  • Submit all documents to DET
  • Pay the official fees and get the license
  • Apply for visas
  • Open a bank account

Is Sports Events Marketing a Profitable Business in Dubai?

The status of Dubai and the UAE in general as a global sports events hub is a favourable factor for those planning to start a Sports Events Marketing business. Moreover, the Dubai Sports Council recently approved the 2023-2033 strategy giving a huge fillip to the sector’s profitability.

As per the strategy, the emirate of Dubai plans to organise 3,000 local, regional and international events and host 1,000 international training camps annually as part of the 10-year strategy. By getting a Dubai mainland Sports Events Marketing license, you can make the best out of this golden opportunity. Business setup advisers in Dubai can help you make the licensing procedures easier.

Hire the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Even though getting a Dubai mainland Sports Events Marketing license is your ticket to profitability, the process may look complex for a foreigner who is new to the region. The regulations of business setup in Dubai may appear tough to navigate but there are experts who can guide you. Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC), one of the best business setup advisers in Dubai, can provide you with a proper strategy to get the license without any hassle.

Our team is composed of highly qualified consultants who offer the best business setup services in Dubai, UAE. Our company formation specialists in Dubai are well-versed in the UAE labour law and immigration laws, making it easier for you to start the business right away. JBC can help you select your activity and determine the right legal structure for your company. We can also draft and submit the documents to the licensing authority, nullifying any chance of rejection. JBC’s experienced consultants can help you turn your dream into a business by advising you on cost-effective business setup packages in Dubai.

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