How to Start a Pet Boarding Business in Dubai Mainland?

How to Start a Pet Boarding Business in Dubai Mainland?

The landscape of business setup in Dubai offers foreign investors a diverse range of lucrative opportunities that are marked by uniqueness, cost-effectiveness and minimal hassle. Starting a pet boarding business in Dubai mainland is such a profitable opportunity aspiring entrepreneurs ought to check out. A pet boarding and daycare service offers a robust solution to a pet-related problem faced by most well-to-do expatriates in Dubai.

Due to their busy professional life, most expatriates find it tough to take care of their expensive breeds of dogs, cats or other species of pets. They can’t take the risk of leaving their pets at home while they leave for work or go for long holiday breaks. Starting a pet boarding business in Dubai lets you cater to this group of customers and generate profits. Business setup consultants in Dubai can take care of the legal requirements to start your pet boarding company. If you are interested, read the following article to understand the process better.

Trade License for Providing Pet Boarding Services in Dubai

The license for starting a pet boarding company in Dubai mainland is being issued by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET, formerly DED). The pet boarding license is categorised as a professional license in Dubai. You need to understand that carrying out any business activity without a trade license in Dubai is a punishable offence. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help you to obtain a trade license without any hassle. You need to execute the following steps to obtain a pet boarding business license in Dubai mainland.

How to start pet boarding business in Dubai?

Understanding the steps of company formation in Dubai is critical to opening a business without any delays. You need to know the rules and regulations put forward by the DED to obtain a trade license in Dubai without any struggle. A better way to solve this challenge is to apply through company setup experts in Dubai. Below are the key steps in opening a pet boarding business in Dubai mainland:

Select your Business Activities

In the first step, you must select the activities you want to carry out under the trade license provided by the DED. The activity corresponding to pet boarding services is titled ‘Domestic Pets Boarding’ in the DET activity list under activity number 9609010. The activities include boarding and taking of domestic pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoises and caged pet birds, involving training, dogs walking etc.

Choose a Company Name

Next, you have to come up with a good name for your proposed pet boarding company in Dubai. The name should be catchy with the potential to attract your targeted customers. However, being catchy is not sufficient to get DET approval for your company’s name. It must also meet the conditions stipulated by the DET’s naming guidelines. Most importantly, the name should not be blasphemous, vulgar or contain any words that disrupt the public order. It is also advisable to avoid a name that is similar to a competitor in the same industry.

Identify The Legal Structure

A legal structure indicates the shareholding structure of your company. Depending on the number of shareholders, you can select appropriate legal structures such as a sole establishment, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) etc. Business setup consultants in Dubai can assist you to select the right legal structure for your business.

Rent a Premise

Next, you have to rent suitable premises to run your pet boarding business. It should be spacious enough to accommodate your staff and the pets. You must also obtain a tenancy contract from your landlord to get it attested (Ejari).

Obtain Approval from Dubai Municipality

Domestic Pet Boarding Services is classified as a special activity regulated by the Dubai Municipality. It means you need the approval of the Municipality to successfully obtain the pet boarding license in Dubai. Ensure that your application and business premises comply with the regulations set out by the Public Health Services Department at Dubai Municipality.

Submit all the Documents

You need to submit all the documents including the tenancy contract and Dubai Municipality approval to the DED to receive the license. You must also submit the shareholder’s passport copy, photograph, application form etc. to the DED for processing the trade license. Get the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai to process the documents faster.

Receive the Trade License

You are required to pay the mandatory official fee to the DET along with the documents. Once the payment is done, the DED will issue the trade license for your pet boarding business in Dubai mainland.

Apply for Visa and Bank Account

The process of business setup in Dubai as per the DET regulations will be completed once you receive the trade license. However, you need to apply for a UAE residency visa to live, work or do business in the country. You should also process the visas of your shareholders, managers, employees and family members. You can also open a bank account under your company name to start your operations in Dubai.

Apply through the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Starting a pet boarding business in Dubai is a lucrative business opportunity for foreign investors. The environment of business setup in Dubai offers plenty of opportunities for foreign investors to offer boarding and daycare services for pets. However, foreign entrepreneurs are advised to seek the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) before applying for a business license. JBC’s team of highly qualified consultants can help you navigate all the key requirements such as Dubai Municipality approval, bank account opening, visa processing, and other compliance requirements.

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