Public Relationship Officer or commonly known as a PRO services provider helps companies not only to liaise with multiple government departments and setting up business and renewal of trade licenses but also helps professionally to comply with the labour laws and employment visa processing including preparing labour contracts in line with the UAE labour laws.

Running a business in Dubai without PRO services is challenging. Apart from having a sound business plan, the rate of success also depends on how the entrepreneurs comply with the mandatory paperwork and legislation such as immigration laws & labour laws. Often, the companies need to liaison with multiple government entities, which may distract the investors from focusing on their core competencies. Smart entrepreneurs navigate these challenges by outsourcing such legal requirements to PRO firms in Dubai. Having access to the best PRO services in Dubai enables entrepreneurs to efficiently resolve issues such as issuance & renewal of trade licenses, investor visas, employee visas, sponsoring dependents etc.

The Importance of PRO Services in Dubai

A Public Relations Officer (PRO) is essential for every company in order to successfully clear the processing of government documents, legal papers and all other documentation related to the company formation process in Dubai. PRO services in Dubai cover the legal requirements of investors & their dependents, companies, employees etc. A PRO is the most vital bridge that establishes a smooth rapport between the company and government bodies such as the Department of Economic Development (DED), Immigration, Ministry of Labour, free zone authorities etc.

Required Corporate PRO Services In Dubai, UAE?

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    Services of PRO companies in Dubai ensure that the businesses adhere to all the labour laws compliance requirements by accurately preparing and filing the labour contract to the relevant departments. On behalf of the companies, the PROs take care of the emirates IDs, labour cards, establishment cards, medical insurance etc. A company without access to PRO services in Dubai can only anticipate tussle with government departments and penalties for non-compliance etc. SMEs and startups often trust the services of PRO firms in Dubai instead of in-house resources to cut costs and to have a professional approach to critical matters.

    Common Services Provided by PRO Firms in Dubai

    Be it a free zone company or a company incorporated in Dubai mainland, PRO Service providers have an important role to play. A PRO adds value to the companies by providing the following services:

    • Company Formation
    • Annual License Renewal of Company
    • Activity adding & Withdrawing
    • License Amendment
    • Investors Visa
    • Employment Visa
    • Family Visa
    • Partners or employee’s Visa Cancellation
    • Labour Card (New, Renewal & Amendment)
    • Emirates ID
    • Chamber of Commerce Certificate
    • Import Export Code
    • Insurance for Life, Health Cars/Offices
    • P O Box Registration New & Renewals
    • Bank Related Assistance
    • Drafting Memorandum of Understanding
    • Liaison with Government Departments
    • Attestation of documents
    • Legal Translation
    • Power of Attorney Attestation
    • All kinds of other Business Support Services
    • Regulatory approvals and NOC letters
    • Passport clearance
    • Dubai Retirement Visa
    • UAE Golden Visa
    • UAE Green Visa
    • UAE Freelancer’s Visa

    Benefits of Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai

    A company looking for PRO services have two options: recruiting an in-house full-time PRO or outsourcing the requirements to a PRO company in Dubai. However, the experience of many companies proves that outsourcing is the better choice of the two. Here are some reasons that justify the why it is to outsource PRO services in Dubai:

    1. Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai Saves Cost

    Many startups and SMEs start with an in-house PRO but switch to the outsourcing mode later. Outsourcing has proven to be a boon for the small businesses in Dubai as it helps them to cut down the costs of hiring a professional. An in-house PRO should be provided with salary, wages, insurance and all other benefits he is entitled to. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs need to pay only for specific services while outsourcing.

    2. Outsourcing Saves Time for Companies

    Running around government departments to submit documents or obtain approvals is a time-consuming process. Moreover, it steals the precious time of investors that they can otherwise spend on their core competencies. If the in-house professional is inefficient, it will complicate matters for the entrepreneurs further. This is where providers of PRO services in Dubai can help the companies. PRO firms may have established a smooth rapport with the government officials, and they know the ins and outs of every legislation. With the help of PRO companies, the investors can obtain government/immigration clearances without any delay.

    3. Outsourcing Involves Zero Risks

    Entrepreneurs will not face any shocks or surprises if a PRO company is assisting them. With an in-house executive, certain risks can be expected such as penalties for late renewal of licenses, expiry of visas etc. However, PRO firms have a team of professionals who will issue timely reminders on renewals of licenses, visas etc. The best PRO companies in Dubai properly track even the smallest of things like when the visa of employees will expire, any compliances to be made, etc. and remind the business management of the same.

    4. Transparency is Assured

    Providers of PRO services in Dubai are known for maintaining efficiency and transparency in their dealings with clients. The services will be delivered with proper original bills, invoices and copies of bills. A proper system means the investors won’t be overcharged for the services they have subscribed to. In contrast, issues such as embezzlement and fraud may crop up while engaging an in-house person as a PRO. Sometimes, the inefficiency of the individual may lead to critical errors that will come at a cost for the company.

    5. A Dedicated Partner & Consultant

    A PRO services provider in Dubai will act as an expert partner possessing good knowledge about the government’s rules, the authority’s rules, procedures, and laws. PRO services can also act as a consultant who provides valuable advice on all kinds of business services in Dubai. Unlike an in-house professional, these companies offer services 24/7.

    Outsource the Best PRO Services in Dubai for Business Success

    PRO services in Dubai play the most important role in establishing a company and running it without any legal hassle. PRO companies in Dubai are essential for entrepreneurs right from the time of incorporation and also beyond that. To successfully set up and manage a company, the entrepreneurs require the services of the best PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

    JBC’s dedicated PRO professionals can assure proper delivery of services such as Visa processing, Document Clearing, Emirates ID processing, timely reminders on renewals, cancellations, form submissions, visa applications, etc.  JBC keeps our clients informed about all the latest regulations and norms in visa application, company formation, free zone regulations, etc. With JBC’s assistance, it will be easy for the companies to connect with government ministries and departments. JBC assures the highest level of efficiency with the documents submitted and delivers them at affordable costs.

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