Renting an office space in Dubai is a mandatory requirement for companies operating on the mainland. The Department of Economic Development (DED), which licenses the mainland entities, have mandated the renting of office spaces in Dubai. The DED will issue a trade license only when the applicant submits the proof of physical office space address, such as the tenancy contract (Ejari). Rental office space services in Dubai have become indispensable due to the requirement for having a physical office address.

Mainland companies can set up their office space anywhere in Dubai. However, the abundance of office space options in Dubai has made the selection process complicated for foreign investors. The rental schemes are varied, and startups and SMEs may find it tough to rent an office space that matches their pocket and nature of business. Business centres in Dubai are the best option for investors to reduce costs. Investors are advised to consult with providers of rental office spaces in Dubai before renting an office space. Meanwhile, read ahead to know everything about setting up business in rental office spaces in Dubai.

Business Centres in Dubai

The most viable option for startups and SMEs to have an office space is to rent a space in a business centre in Dubai. Business centres have office spaces of different sizes and prices, and the entrepreneurs can choose the best fit. If the needs are minimal or the employee count is less, the investors can opt for a Flexi-desk. The business centres in Dubai will provide the investors with all the modern amenities, including high-speed wi-fi and communication networks. Since most facilities will be shared among other companies operating in the business centre, startups need not worry about starting costs. However, it is important to seek the advice of companies providing rental office space services in Dubai to choose a suitable facility.

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    Renting Co-working Spaces in Dubai

    Co-working spaces in Dubai are the best rental space option that a small business can get. Co-working spaces are essentially shared office spaces that cut down the costs by providing the business owners with what they want. In large office spaces, most of the amenities and a significant volume of space remain unused. This leads to a wastage of space and money. On the other hand, by renting a co-working space in Dubai, the entrepreneurs need to spend on only what they actually require.

    A typical co-working space in a business centre comes with furniture, computers, Xerox machines etc. The business owners and employees will have access to meeting rooms, conference halls, lounges, kitchen, game area, pantry etc. Since all these facilities are shared, unwanted expenses are reduced. Moreover, the companies can have a common receptionist, telephone number and the prestigious address of the business centre.

    Renting Flexi Desks in Dubai Business Centres

    Flexi-desks are a common feature that all co-working spaces have. In a business centre, the entrepreneurs can reserve their own desks to work. Often called a smart desk, the Flexi-desk option provides business owners with a desk and a chair. A typical Flexi-desk comes without any cabin, wall or any type of enclosure. Flex-desks were made popular by the free zones in the UAE, but business centres in Dubai mainland also provide the facility nowadays.

    A Flexi-desk is more suitable for startups, sole owners and freelancers. The members are not granted a fixed desk. They can sit on any desk located in the area allotted and then in the shared workspace. Investors should choose a Flex-desk carefully with the help of agents who provide rental office services in Dubai.

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    Working from a Dedicated Desk in a Business Centre

    As the name suggests, a dedicated desk is dedicated to a particular member who can use the same desk every day. Even though it lacks the flexibility of the Flexi-desk, dedicated desks are preferred by professionals who long for stability. Apart from this ‘fixed user aspect’, dedicated desks usually provide the same benefits offered by Flexi-desks.

    Facilities Offered by Business Centres in Dubai

    Be it the fixed office or Flexi desk, the entrepreneurs and freelancers can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including state-of-the-art facilities, and opportunities for networking and mentoring. The co-working spaces in Dubai are equipped with the following features:

    1. Fully furnished workspace
    2. High-speed Wi-FI
    3. Dedicated staff
    4. Modern Interior
    5. Spaces that can be customised
    6. Fitness Facilities
    7. Food & Beverage Services
    8. Common kitchen and dining options
    9. In-house IT support
    10. Modern meeting rooms

    Benefits of Operating a Business from Co-working Spaces in Dubai

    Co-working spaces have transformed the way businesses operate in Dubai. Working from a co-working space offers a wide range of benefits to startups, small businesses, and freelancers. Some of the benefits are given below:

    1. More networking opportunity
    2. More productivity
    3. A chance to collaborate with other professionals
    4. Ability to cut the cost of operation
    5. Greater flexibility
    6. Opportunity to participate in business events
    7. Offers a turnkey solution for business owners

    The Best Rental Office Space Services in Dubai

    Co-working spaces in Dubai have evolved to be a key necessity for startups and freelancers due to a host of benefits, including flexible rental payment options, low startup costs and opportunities for networking. Co-working spaces enhance the growth aspirations of entrepreneurs by minimising the maintenance costs with the added benefit of higher productivity. Now, it is easy for the startups to find affordable co-working spaces as a leading provider of rental office services in Dubai, such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) provide excellent options.

    JBC has tie-ups with all the prominent business centres in Dubai and can provide entrepreneurs with the most cost-effective office space options. JBC can provide business owners with office spaces that are placed in the heart of Dubai and boast of a prestigious address. JBC understands the requirements of entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers and provides them with an excellent environment of creativity, collaboration, and innovation at affordable costs.

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