Top Residence Visa Options for Foreigners Planning to Invest in Dubai

Top Residence Visa Options for Foreigners Planning to Invest in Dubai

This is an opportune moment for investors from across the world to set up a base for their business in Dubai and bring their families into the emirate. In recent years we have witnessed revolutionary changes in the residency visa regime of the country and with the help of PRO companies in Dubai, the investors can easily migrate into the emirate. A handful of residency options are available in Dubai, designed specifically for foreigners wishing to move into the emirate by making investments.

You need to understand each of these residence visa options and assess the eligibility requirements. You can also consult with the best PRO firms in Dubai to choose the right residency option and to understand how much investment you need to make to obtain one. Here is a list of the latest residency options available for foreigners planning to move into Dubai by making investments.

1. Dubai Investor Visa through Investment in Residential Property

Individuals can apply for a Dubai Investor Visa investing in a residential property worth AED 1 million or above, with a maximum of 50% of the property value under a mortgage. Individuals with jointly owned property can also apply for a Dubai Investor Visa, provided each individual’s share is worth at least AED 1 million. However, you must remember that the investment must be made in residential property and not commercial real estate.

Furthermore, only investments made in freehold residential properties are eligible for the Dubai Investor Visa. The length of the residency varies from three to five years and the visa can be renewed for as long as the investor owns the property in the UAE. The three-year Dubai Investor Visa can be availed by individuals who have purchased a property worth AED 1 Million or more. Meanwhile, the minimum property investment for a five-year Dubai Investor Visa is AED 5 million.

2. Dubai Investor Visa through Investment in a Company

You can also obtain a Dubai Investor Visa by setting up a business in the mainland or any of the free zones. For mainland business setup, you have to approach the Department of Economic Development (DED) which offers over 2000 business activities to choose from. There is no requirement for a local partner for setting up a business in any of the 1000 activities permitted by the DED. Full foreign ownership is not permitted for other activities that are classified under strategic sectors.

The visa can be availed by investors who own shares worth at least AED 72,000 in an existing company or those who establish a new company with a capital investment worth the same amount. Full foreign ownership is available for free zone businesses irrespective of activities and you can also enjoy diverse benefits such as tax exemptions, complete repatriation of capital, robust infrastructure etc. The visa application process depends upon the location of the free zone and the nature of the business activity. PRO companies in Dubai can help you to set up a free zone or mainland company apart from applying for the visa.

3. Ten-Year Golden Visa for Investors

Investors can apply for either 10 years or 5 Year Golden Visas in the UAE, depending on the volume of their investments in the country. You are eligible to apply for a 10-year UAE Golden Visa if your investment is worth at least 10 million. The investment can be made in either of the following ways:

  1. A deposit in an investment fund inside the UAE
  2. Setting up a company in the UAE with a capital of at least AED 10 million
  3. Partnering in an existing or a new company with a share value of at least AED10 million
  4. Holding a total investment of AED 10 million in all of the above areas

4. Five-Year Golden Visa for Investors

Investors holding property with a gross value of at least AED 5 million, or entrepreneurs with an existing project with a minimum capital of AED 500,000 are eligible to apply for a five-year UAE Golden Visa. The spouse, children, one manager and one advisor of the investor are eligible to apply for both 10-year and five-year Golden Visas in the UAE subject to conditions. PRO companies in Dubai can help you to assess your eligibility requirements.

5. Retirement Visa in Dubai

The Retirement Visa is being offered by the Dubai government specifically for investors above the age of 55. The Dubai Retirement Visa enables retirees to do business or work in the emirate without any hassle. The Dubai Retirement Visa provides the retirees with a five-year residency option if they tick any of the following conditions:

  • Investment in a property worth AED 2 million, or
  • Accumulated savings worth AED 1 million, or
  • Have an active monthly income of at least AED 20,000

Consult with the Best PRO Companies in Dubai, UAE

The new types of visa options offer foreign investors a hassle-free route to ensure UAE residency through investments. However, investors must conduct thorough research to determine the types of visas they are eligible to apply for. PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help you assess the requirements and assist you in the process. JBC offers bespoke PRO services in Dubai including document attestation, medical fitness test, change of status, sponsoring family, domestic workers etc. Consult with us today to ensure your migration to Dubai is easy and hassle-free.

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