Significance of Documents Clearance While Starting a Business in the UAE


Foreign investors looking to set up a company in Dubai mainland require to prepare an extensive list of legal documents. Documents must be authenticated or legalised and submitted to relevant authorities for obtaining approvals, permits and licenses. Foreigners may find this bureaucratic requirement complex and often get intimidated while dealing with the authorities. PRO firms in Dubai offer document clearing services so that investors can easily get the paperwork done to obtain necessary permits and approvals.

Messing up with your documentation may considerably delay your company registration process. However, such delays can be avoided by availing of PRO services in Dubai. In this article, we will discuss why accessing document-clearing services in Dubai is important while starting a business in the UAE.

What is document clearance in Dubai?

You will be required to draft, translate, and legalise multiple documents before setting up a company in Dubai. These documents must be as prepared and submitted to relevant authorities as per the rules set out by the relevant authorities. The type of documents you must submit depends upon a wide range of factors including your company’s legal structure, business activity, number of employees etc.

Additional documents will be required in case your activity is a special activity that requires approval from ministries or government departments. Depending on the legal structure, you will be required to sign the Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA) or Local Service Agent (LSA) agreement etc. Availing of PRO services in Dubai is essential to draft and getting clearance for all your important legal documents.

Challenges of document clearance in Dubai

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs will be most affected by the challenges of document clearance in Dubai. Unlike local businessmen, foreign investors are unaware of the legislation, guidelines, and requirements set out by the government, ministries and various other departments. They will be most confused when it comes to the UAE Immigration laws and labour laws. This is the top reason why foreign businessmen hire PRO companies in Dubai before applying for a trade license.

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Some of the factors that can be challenging for foreigners are listed below:

  • Changing business laws and the introduction of new regulations
  • Requirements that are different from an investor’s home country
  • Unfamiliarity with the official language for drafting documents
  • Difficulty in understanding the standard procedures of authorities
  • Complex legal structures and activities

Some of the key processes associated with document clearing in Dubai

Foreign investors may often struggle with understanding and properly executing some of the processes associated with document clearing in Dubai. Hiring PRO companies in Dubai can be one of the best solutions to navigate such complex legal procedures. Here is a list of the core procedures associated with clearing legal documents in Dubai for setting up a new business:

  • Notarization by the Notary Public
  • Document attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country of origin
  • Certification to be done by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin
  • Certification to be done by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

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Important documents you may need to submit

The type of documents depends upon your proposed license type and the business structure. However, in general, you may need to submit some of the documents listed below:

  • A properly filled-up license application form
  • Contact details of the owner
  • Name choice for name reservation of the company
  • Signed MOA
  • Passport copies of the business managers and partners
  • Copy of the degree/diploma certificate (in case of consultancy businesses)
  • Existing company profile (industrial license)
  • Business feasibility study (industrial license)
  • Correctly filled up the form for the investor’s project profile (industrial license)
  • Certified passport copies of all shareholders and managers
  • Copy of the UAE residence visa (if applicable)
  • A NOC from the current UAE residence visa sponsor (if applicable)

Avail of the Best PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Dealing with government procedures will be tough for foreign investors but professional PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can make the process smooth. JBC’s PRO services in Dubai can make document clearance hassle-free by verifying even the minute details. JBC adheres to a transparent and authentic procedure to ensure all the mandatory requirements are met as per the standard procedures and rules. JBC offers our services to help you clear important requirements such as trade license application & renewal, government approvals, sponsoring the visas of dependents and domestic workers, UAE Golden Visa, investor or partner visa etc.

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