Starting a Diet Control Clinic in Dubai: Opportunities & Requirements

Starting a diet weight control clinic in Dubai Opportunities & requirements

Setting up a diet clinic in Dubai mainland promises a lucrative opportunity for foreign investors as the residents and citizens in the emirate are in dire need of a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the high demand for lifestyle advice services, foreign investors can also leverage the perks that come with the process of company formation in Dubai. These perks include ease of doing business, strategic location, access to robust infrastructure and facilities, low taxation etc.

However, it is advisable to apply for a trade license through business setup consultants in Dubai as they can guide you on the approvals, and laws & regulations. Read the below article to know the opportunities and requirements related to the process of starting a diet/weight control clinic in Dubai:

What License is Required for a Diet Clinic in Dubai?

You need to obtain a professional license in Dubai to start a diet clinic on the mainland, which is being issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The Activity is defined as Dieting & Weight Control Services under Activity Code 8690008. DED issued the license to companies engaged in diet systems and weight loss or control programs. The license covers activities such as consultations, advice, support and regular follow-up to ensure the customer is sticking to his lifestyle changes, in addition to advice on low-calorie meals. Consult with the best business setup consultants in Dubai to know more about the activities included in the Dieting & Weight Control Services.

How to Obtain a License for Dieting/Weight Control Clinic in Dubai?

You need to follow the rules and regulations associated with the process of business setup in Dubai to obtain a trade license quickly. Business setup consultants in Dubai can advise you on the relevant rules, and requirements related to the licensing process. The following steps will let you obtain a trade license in Dubai mainland quickly:

1. Select the Activity

Browse through the DED’s activity list and select the right activity that matches your business plan. Since selecting the wrong activity will negatively impact your business, it is advisable to use business setup services in Dubai to avoid such risks.

2. Reserve the Trade Name

Choose a proper name for your clinic in line with DED trade name guidelines. The name of your diet or weight loss clinic in Dubai should not be blasphemous, or vulgar and should not violate the social or moral order.

3. Select a Legal Structure

The legal structure or legal form of a company represents the number of shareholders in the firm. Based on the number of shareholders, you can select from different company structures in Dubai such as a sole establishment, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Branch Office etc. It is recommended to hire business setup advisors in Dubai to accurately select the company structure.

4. Sign the LSA Agreement

Since it is a professional license, foreign investors need to sign a Local Service Agent Agreement (LSA) with a UAE national. The LSA is different from a Local Sponsor as the UAE national doesn’t hold any share in the clinic. The LSA will only handle the administrative purposes at a fixed fee.

5. Rent a Space in Dubai

Find a suitable location for your weight loss clinic in Dubai and rent an appropriate space. You need to obtain a tenancy contract from the landlord and get it attested (Ejari). Renting or leasing a physical space is mandatory as per the rules of business setup in Dubai mainland. Furthermore, business setup consultants in Dubai can help you with the Ejari services.

6. Obtain Dubai Health Authority Approval

You must obtain Dubai Health Authority (DHA) approval to obtain a diet clinic license. You need to submit DED’s initial approval certificate, LSA agreement and shareholders’ document to obtain the DHA approval. The dietician or nutritionist working in the clinic should also get a DHA license and he or she should possess the necessary qualifications prescribed by the DHA.

7. Submit Documents and Collect License

After obtaining relevant approvals, submit all the documents, including the DHA approval and tenancy contract, to the DED. If everything aligns with the regulations of business setup in Dubai, the DED will issue the trade license for the weight-loss clinic. Business setup consultants in Dubai can assist you in preparing the relevant documents.

Opportunities in Starting a Diet/Weight Control Clinic in Dubai

Setting up a diet/weight control clinic in Dubai is a lucrative opportunity as there is robust demand from both residents and citizens. Many of the residents and citizens are suffering from over-consumption of junk food, which is a leading cause of obesity various heart conditions, diabetes and other chronic diseases. A better way to avoid such illnesses is to control the diet and lifestyle with the help of a dietician. Foreign investors can tap into this market and reap profits apart from leveraging the other benefits of business setup in Dubai.

Consult with the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

The landscape of business setup in Dubai is ideal for diet/weight control centres due to the presence of health-conscious and wealthy residents and citizens. However, you need to avail yourself of the services of business setup consultants in Dubai to navigate the procedures and requirements including the DHA approval. Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is a leading provider of business setup services in Dubai with years of experience in the industry.

JBC can help you with PRO services, document drafting, government approvals, visa processing, bank account opening etc. We have a team of highly qualified consultants who can help foreign investors navigate the UAE immigration and labour laws. JBC also provides key services related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) etc. Consult with us today to avail of business setup solutions you can count on.

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