Top UAE Golden Visa Categories Everyone Should Know

Golden Visa in UAE

By obtaining a UAE Golden Visa, individuals can enjoy the freedom of a long-term visa that is valid for up to 10 years. The UAE Golden Visa requires no sponsor and you can sponsor your family members, including parents, spouses, and children of any age. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to sponsor UAE residency visas for an unlimited number of domestic helpers.

A UAE Golden Visa holder will also be eligible for the automatic conversion of his or her foreign driving license to a UAE driving license. Unlike the normal residence visas, the Golden Visa holder can also stay outside the UAE for more than six months. However, knowing the UAE golden Visa requirements can be a complicated process. You may require the assistance of the best PRO companies in Dubai to navigate the Golden Visa requirements.

In this blog, we will discuss more about the top UAE Golden Visa categories that you can apply for. Read ahead to know further:

Depending on your profile, we can help you choose the best way to apply based on the following categories

Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors

Investing AED 2 million or above will make you eligible for the UAE Golden Visa. As per the new regulations, investors can meet the UAE Golden Visa eligibility criteria by purchasing a property through a mortgage from a local bank. You can also get a Golden Visa by buying off-plan properties. PRO firms in Dubai can advise you on the application procedures.

Golden Visa for Exceptionally talented individuals

Exceptionally talented individuals are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE. This category generally includes talents in the field of art, culture, digital technology, sports, innovation, medicine, law and other related fields. However, you need to submit a recommendation or approval from a federal or local government entity for getting the UAE Golden Visa under this category.

Golden Visa for Outstanding Students

Outstanding students who obtained exceptional scores in a UAE secondary school or university can apply for the 10-year Golden Visa. A student studying at the world’s 100 best universities is also eligible. Students can check their eligibility by consulting with PRO firms in Dubai.

Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs

Startup investors can also apply for the UAE Golden Visa provided their company is registered within the country. However, the company should fall under the SME category with an annual revenue of AED 1 million or above. Entrepreneurs can apply for a visa through PRO companies in Dubai.

Golden Visa for Scientists

Scientists can also apply for the Golden Visa if they have a PhD or Master’s degree in engineering, technology, life sciences and natural sciences from the world’s best universities. The eligible individual must submit a recommendation from the Emirates Scientists Council.

Golden Visa for Skilled Workers

Eligible candidates under this category need to have a valid employment contract in the UAE. Moreover, their profession should fall under occupational level one or two as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratisation (MoHRE). The minimum monthly salary requirement for this category is AED 30,000.

The worker should also hold a bachelor’s degree to get a UAE Golden Visa under this category. Sometimes PRO services in Dubai get queries from individuals that whether workers with a diploma can apply for a Golden Visa. However, skilled workers with a diploma are not eligible for a UAE Golden Visa.

Hire the Best PRO Companies in Dubai for Golden Visa Applications

Individuals of eligible categories mentioned in this blog and their families can enjoy the benefits of the UAE Golden Visa as it enables them to secure their future in the land of opportunities. However, we recommend you proceed with the Golden Visa application process only after consulting with the top-rated PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). Availing of PRO services in Dubai will help you avoid wrongly assessing the Golden Visa eligibility conditions and submitting incorrect or inadequate documents.

JBC can meticulously assess your profile and other relevant documents to determine your eligibility criteria. If proven to be eligible for the UAE Golden Visa, we can help you get approval from the relevant authorities without any delay. Apart from the Golden Visa, JBC can also help you with obtaining a Green Visa, investor visa, employment visa and other forms of UAE residency visas.

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