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Getting a UAE residency visa is the first important step you have to take if you wish to work in the country. Individuals who wish to work in the country can choose from a wide range of employment visas in the UAE, depending on the nature of their work. Getting a UAE work visa can be complex for foreigners who are new to the region.

However, PRO companies in Dubai can advise you on the various types of employment visas. In this blog, we will provide you with valuable information on the key types of visas foreigners can apply for work in the UAE. Read on for further insights:

Company-sponsored work visa

A company-sponsored visa is one of the most common forms of employment visas in the UAE. You can get this type of UAE work visa if a company offers you a job in the country. This type of UAE job visa will allow you to move to the country under the sponsorship of your employer. The visa is often valid for two years and must be renewed by the sponsor (employer).

Once the candidate accepts and signs the offer letter, the employer will issue the permit with which the employee can travel to the UAE. Once the employee arrives in the UAE, the employer can start the visa application process. The UAE employment visa process includes getting a medical fitness test, providing fingerprint biometrics for the Emirates ID, and receiving your residency permit and Emirates ID. PRO companies in Dubai can help companies apply for the visas of their employees.

The UAE Green Visa

Skilled professionals seeking a job in the UAE can work in the country with a Green Visa. The UAE Green Visa is a five-year residency permit that requires no sponsor. You can sponsor the visas of your first-degree relatives by getting a Green Visa in the UAE. Moreover, it allows you to have a six-month grace period after visa cancellation and expiry. Skilled professionals need to meet the following UAE Green Visa requirements:

  • A valid employment contract
  • Be classified in the first, second or third occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • Hold a minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Have a salary of not less than AED 15,000 per month

The UAE Golden Visa

Golden Visa is another great option for foreigners seeking a Residence visa for working in the UAE. The UAE Golden Visa is a 10-year visa that allows you to live, work and study in the country without a sponsor. Frontline heroes (doctors and nurses), outstanding high school students and college graduates, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and humanitarian workers are eligible for the visa.

The UAE Golden Visa benefits include the ability to sponsor family members including spouses, children and domestic workers without any limit. Moreover, the Golden Visa will not become invalid if you stay outside the UAE for more than six months. Consultants providing PRO services in Dubai can help you find out more about the Golden Visa and the categories eligible for it.

The UAE Freelance visa

The UAE freelance visa is a great option for individuals who wish to work in the country without a sponsor. The standard UAE freelancer visa is valid for two years. However, to work as a freelancer in the UAE, you need to obtain a freelancer permit as well as a visa. Most of the 45-plus free zones in the UAE offer freelance permits and visas. You can obtain one with the help of PRO companies in Dubai.

The UAE Domestic worker visa

The UAE also provides a visa for those wishing to work as a domestic worker or maid. The employer must sponsor the maid or nanny under the UAE domestic worker visa. Remember the issuance of the UAE maid visa is highly regulated due to the risk of exploitation and abuse. YOU need to comply with the relevant provisions of the Federal Decree-Law No. 9 of 2022 (The UAE Domestic Worker’s Law) to hire a nanny or maid. PRO consultants in the UAE can advise you on the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers under the Domestic Workers’ Law.

Hire the Best PRO Companies in Dubai for Work Visas

Getting a UAE employment visa is the key to working in one of the top job markets in the world. However, choosing the right work visa requires immense knowledge of the UAE immigration and labour laws. If you are not aware of such laws, it is advisable to hire the best PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

Availing of JBC’s PRO services in Dubai is the easiest way to make your visa processing affordable and hassle-free. We have put in place a transparent and authentic procedure so that our clients can ensure they have met all the mandatory requirements as per the UAE immigration rules and procedures. JBC can help you with a wide range of requirements including trade license application & renewal, government approvals, sponsoring the visas of dependents and domestic workers, UAE Golden Visa and Green Visa, investor or partner visa etc.

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