Foreign investors keen to set up a technology startup in Dubai find Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec) as the go-to option. Dtec is a free zone and a startup hub wholly owned by Dubai Silicon Oasis, the region’s foremost integrated tech hub. The process of business setup in Dtec provides the technology entrepreneurs with benefits including world-class co-working spaces, startup incubation programs, event spaces, opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.

Dtec’s strategic location within the Dubai Silicon Oasis is a major advantage for entrepreneurs. Dtec is only a few minutes from the airport, which offers logistic benefits and accessibility. The free zone offers unique tech-related licenses covering a wide range of activities, making the process of company formation in Dtec more attractive. Business set up consultants in Dubai can help entrepreneurs deal with critical requirements such as license application, document drafting, visa processing etc.

Licenses in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus 

Once Dtec has been selected for starting a tech company in Dubai, investors need to select a trade license that authorises their desired business activity. Accurately selecting a license is a critical aspect of business setup in Dtec and investors must be meticulous during the process. In case of any confusion regarding the license selection, consulting with business setup consultants in Dubai is recommended. The following types of licenses are permitted in Dtec:

Service License 

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    A service license in Dtec authorises the activities of professional service providers. License holders are allowed to undertake specific services permitted in their Dtec service license. Carrying out activities not specified in the trade license will attract hefty penalties. Some of the top service license activities in Dtec include accounting & bookkeeping, blogging services, and computer systems consultants. Investors may find the license selection easier provided they have availed of business setup services in Dubai.

    Trading License 

    A trading license in Dtec authorises the import, export, sale, distribution and storage of goods specified on the license. Since Dtec is a free zone, business owners are not allowed to sell their goods directly on the mainland. They are allowed to trade within the free zone or sell their products globally (exports, reexports). However, business owners can sell their goods on the mainland through distributors. Some of the trading license activities in Dtec include computer systems trading and commercial broker activities.

    Permitted Activities in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus 

    Selecting an activity is one of the first mandatory steps associated with the process of business setup in Dubai. To choose an activity, entrepreneurs must browse through a list of permitted activities in Dtec. Foreign investors often find this a tough task, but business setup consultants in Dubai often perform this crucial task on the investors’ behalf. Here is a list of major business activities permitted in Dtec:

    • Cyber Security Architecture
    • Billing Services Provider
    • Cloud Service & Data Center Providers
    • Computer Graphic Design Services
    • Conferences & Seminars Organizing
    • Equipment E-Trading
    • Information Technology Consultants
    • Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Research
    • Portal Building
    • Web-Design
    • Software House

    Types of Legal Entities in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus 

    Once the selection of activities is completed, investors must decide on the type of entities they want to incorporate in Dtec. Entrepreneurs must check the types of legal structures recognised by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority for company formation in Dtec. A legal structure is determined based on the number of shareholders in the proposed startup. The following are the two types of legal forms permitted in Dtec:

    Free Zone Establishment 

    A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) can be established in Dtec with a single shareholder. An FZE has a distinct legal identity and independent financial liability. The single shareholder in an FZE can be either an individual or a corporate entity. More details about a Dtec FZE can be obtained from business setup consultants in Dubai.

    Free Zone Company

    A Free Zone Company (FZC) in Dtec is an independent legal entity. At least two shareholders must be there to incorporate an FZC in Dtec. The shareholders can be individuals, corporate entities or a combination of both. Setting up an FZC will be easier for investors with access to the best business setup services in Dubai.

    Office Spaces in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus 

    Dtec is conceived as a creative coworking space that facilitates a smooth process of company setup in Dubai apart from providing opportunities for collaboration, networking and materialistic business ideas. Dtec offers affordable office setup packages to allow entrepreneurs to start their journey in a strategic location.

    The coworking spaces in Dtec are built with the highest design standards and come with all kinds of modern amenities. Choosing a space in Dtec is the most cost-effective way to begin the startup journey in Dubai. The following office space facilities are being offered by the Dtec free zone for entrepreneurs:

    Flexi Desks 

    Entrepreneurs can set up their workspace in any of the common areas in Dtec. Business owners just need to bring their laptop, pick a Flexi desk and start working. Up to two UAE visas are offered along with the Flexi desk option in Dtec. Benefits include free high-speed WiFi, adequate parking space, quick business setup procedure, free tea, coffee & water, 24/7 key card access etc. Furthermore, investors are allowed to access services such as printers, meeting spaces, secured lockers, professional advice & events.

    Fixed Desk 

    Investors can start their business operations in a fixed workstation located at a shared area in Dtec with lockable storage options. The fixed desk option in Dtec provides up to three UAE visas per desk. Benefits of renting a fixed desk in Dtec include an easy company registration process, free high-speed WiFi, ample space for car parking, free beverages, and round the clock key card access. Furthermore, entrepreneurs get access to printers, meeting rooms, secure lockers, professional advice & events, landline telephone and reserved desk space with lockable storage.

    Private Office Space 

    By renting a private office space in Dtec, entrepreneurs can conduct their business activities from their furnished or unfurnished offices. The private office spaces in Dtec are available in the range of 12-50 sqm. Up to two visas per desk will be granted to tenants renting a private office in Dtec. For unfurnished office spaces, visa allocation will be based on the size of space availed. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help investors rent a private office space in Dtec.

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus 

    The process of company formation in Dtec offers a wide array of benefits to foreign investors. From easy set-up procedures to state-of-the-art facilities, entrepreneurs have plenty of reasons to choose Dtec as their preferred destination of business setup in Dubai. Consult with company formation experts in Dubai to know more about the advantages. Meanwhile, check out the following list to get to know the major advantages of setting up a tech startup in Dtec:

    • 100% ownership
    • Complete repatriation of capital & profits
    • Strategic location
    • Zero corporate tax and income tax
    • Excellent connectivity through sea, air and land
    • Robust technology infrastructure
    • Access to networking and collaboration events
    • Incubation and mentorship programs
    • Funding available for young startups
    • Cost-effective office spaces

    Compliance in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus 

    Companies operating in Dtec fall within the scope of regulations such as Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT). Failing to comply with these critical regulatory requirements will attract hefty penalties along with other consequences such as suspension of trade license, and sharing information with relevant foreign competent authorities. Companies undergoing liquidation in Dtec are also required to ensure compliance with these requirements. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help entrepreneurs to comply with UBO, ESR & AML-CFT.

    Best Business Setup Services in Dubai, UAE 

    The environment of business setup in Dtec is ideal for tech startups looking for mentorship, incubation, funding and networking opportunities. Dtec facilitates a smooth company formation process for foreign investors with its cost-effective coworking spaces and robust tech infrastructure. Since Dtec is managed by Dubai Silicon Oasis, entrepreneurs also get access to the free zone’s facilities as well. However, availing of business setup services in Dubai is essential to navigating the rules and regulations the entrepreneurs are required to abide by.

    Business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) provide the best company formation services to tackle challenges such as selection of activities & legal structure, visa processing, document drafting, bank account opening etc. Our highly qualified business setup advisers can also help investors comply with ESR, UBO and AML-CFT requirements in the free zones. Enlist our services at the earliest to incorporate a company in Dubai without any hassle.

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