Launched in 1988, Ajman Free Zone is one of the oldest and most progressive free zones in the UAE. The environment of business setup in Ajman Free Zone is suited for investors seeking an independent ecosystem to enhance their business growth. The free zone boasts of modern infrastructure, cost-effective business setup packages and a wide range of business activities. Strategically located near the Ajman Port, Ajman Free Zone is one of the leading investment destinations in the region.

Ajman Free Zone is one of the rapidly growing free zones in the region, with the presence of over 9,000 companies from over 160 countries. Apart from big corporate groups, Ajman Free Zone is home to a number of SMEs, Startups, and freelancers. The free zone is the first option for foreign investors on account of its top-notch business setup services, modern facilities and attractive incentives. Ajman Free Zone has set out a flexible and progressive regulation to aid the business setup process. However, foreign entrepreneurs can easily obtain a trade license with the help of business setup consultants in the UAE.

Types of Licenses Permitted in Ajman Free Zone

Business licenses in Ajman Free Zone are tied to some of the most lucrative business activities in the region. Investors should research the trade licenses and the related activities before approaching the Free Zone Authority. Business setup consultants in Ajman can assist the investors in selecting the right license for their proposed entity. Ajman Free Zone issues the following types of licenses:

Commercial License

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    A commercial license in Ajman Free Zone permits activities such as import, export and distribution of specific products stated in the license. The free zone offers facilities to carry out commercial license activities in the form of business centres, warehouses, executive offices etc. Avail business setup services in Ajman to get a clear picture of commercial license activities.

    Industrial/ Manufacturing License

    Obtaining an industrial license in Ajman Free Zone enables the business owners to carry out activities such as imports of raw materials, the manufacturing of listed goods and the export of permitted products. The rules of business setup in Ajman Free Zone are highly flexible so that investors can obtain the license hassle-free.

    Service License

    The UAE is home to a large number of companies, and each of them requires professional advice to enhance their growth or ensure compliance with the laws. Investors who would like to offer consultancy services can obtain a services license in Ajman Free Zone at affordable costs. An Ajman Free Zone Service License covers activities cutting across a wide array of industries.

    E-commerce License

    Ajman Free Zone’s e-commerce license authorizes entrepreneurs to carry out electronic trading activities. Business activities under e-commerce licenses in Ajman Free Zone include industrial equipment e-trading, F&B e-trading, fashion retail e-trading, automotive e-trading, jewellery & precious stones e-trading, media entertainment e-trading, events ticketing e-trading, and e-trading of home, office and personal utilities. Facilities provided include offices & executive offices, and warehouses.

    Freelancer Package

    Ajman Free Zone offers one of the cost-effective freelance licenses in the UAE. The freelancer can work from the flexible co-working spaces/ Flexi-desks in Ajman Free Zone without worrying about restrictions on long-term overheads. Individuals who obtain a freelance license from Ajman Free Zone are eligible for two residence visas and the ability to sponsor their families. Getting a freelance license will be easier with the advice of business setup consultants in Ajman.

    Pioneer Package

    Ajman Free Zone provides attractive business setup packages that are unique from other free zones in the UAE. The Pioneer package is one such package that enables young entrepreneurs to set up a company in Ajman Free Zone. The Pioneer Package in Ajman Free Zone is available for youngsters between 20 to 30 years of age, ideal for under-graduates, postgraduates, young entrepreneurs and start-up companies. The benefits of this cost-effective package for young entrepreneurs in Ajman Free Zone includes eligibility for two residence visas and family sponsorship.

    Business Segments of Focus in Ajman Free Zone

    Ajman Free Zone’s stated goal is to cater to the needs of thousands of businesses from a wide range of sectors. Yet, the free zone has identified certain sectors that are well-positioned for long-term growth. Apart from other regular sectors, the free zone has designed infrastructure for the following sectors:

    1. Food and Beverage
    2. Automotive sector
    3. Health & Beauty sector
    4. Construction sector
    5. Education sector
    6. Agriculture sector
    7. Oil & Gas sector
    8. Paper & Packaging sector
    9. Jewellery sector
    10. Media sector
    11. Marine sector
    12. Textile sector
    13. Advanced Technology sector
    14. Sports sector
    15. Chemical Industry
    16. Trade sector

    Types of Companies Recognized in Ajman Free Zone

    Identifying the legal form or legal structure is a crucial step in the process of business setup in the UAE. Investors should ensure that the selected legal structure of the proposed company is consistent with the economic activity. The advice of business setup consultants in Ajman will come in handy for entrepreneurs in determining the legal structure. Ajman Free Zone offers the following legal structures:

    1. Free Zone Establishment
    2. Free Zone Company
    3. Branch of a Local Company
    4. Branch of a Foreign Company

    Facilities in Ajman Free Zone

    Ajman Free Zone Authority has created first-class facilities within the free zone premises to cover all the basic requirements of businesses operating there. The infrastructure is robust, and the prices are affordable, which has created a worry-free atmosphere for investors. Investors can access the following facilities in Ajman Free Zone:

    Executive Offices

    Executive offices are furnished offices that help the entrepreneurs to save the time and costs of shifting around. Benefits include eligibility for two UAE residence visas, 24*7 security & surveillance, facility management & housekeeping services etc. Consult with business setup consultants in Ajman to know further about this office space solution.

    Co-working Spaces

    Ajman Free Zone offers fully equipped co-working spaces that come with access to meeting rooms and lounges. The co-working spaces in Ajman Free Zone are ideal for trading, commercial and professional service companies. Benefits include free Wi-Fi & laptops, an opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals, round the clock security & surveillance and access to the business directory, eligibility for UAE visas etc.

    Freelancer & Pioneers Hub

    Freelancers and young entrepreneurs are eligible for co-working spaces in Ajman Free Zone. Benefits include cost-effective rents, round the clock security, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour open offices, the opportunity to network and collaborate with industry professionals, access to Ajman Free Zone’s online community, eligibility for UAE visas and family sponsorship etc.

    Warehouses for Lease

    The spacious warehouses in Ajman Free Zone are available in different sizes, starting from 100 square metres. The warehouses come fitted with free office spaces inside, providing a competitive edge for industrial businesses. Benefits include eligibility for up to 14 UAE residence visas, round the clock security, parking facilities, easy access to manpower etc.

    Land Plots for Lease

    Ajman Free Zone provides plots of land for investors who wish to build their own facilities as per specific business requirements. Investors can choose from an unlimited range of landmass starting from 1000 m². The land plots are open to linking roads and well-paved pathways. Benefits include access to utilities & telecommunications providers, visa quotas as per specific requirements, and long-term investment opportunities.

    Onsite Labour Accommodation

    Onsite labour accommodation is one of the most significant needs for businesses operating under an industrial license in Ajman Free Zone. Labour accommodation in Ajman Free Zone is spacious and safe with round the clock security. Each room in the labour accommodation is spacious enough to accommodate five employees. Facilities include centralized air conditioning, lavatories, laundry services, prayer areas, restaurants, parking facilities etc.

    Benefits of Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone

    Investors are entitled to a wide array of benefits by setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone. More information on the benefits can be learnt from business setup consultants in Ajman. Meanwhile, the major benefits are listed below:

    • 100% company ownership
    • Strategic location with proximity to Ajman port, Dubai & Sharjah Airports
    • Cost-effective business packages
    • Low-cost living in Ajman
    • World-class infrastructure
    • Fully digitized business incorporation services
    • Value-added services for all types of companies
    • Round the clock customer support
    • Wide range of activities & unique licenses
    • Easy to open bank accounts
    • Easy to sponsor dependents
    • Zero corporate & personal tax

    Compliance Requirements in Ajman Free Zone

    Being a well-regulated free zone, Ajman Free Zone strictly enforces the regulatory requirements set out by the UAE government. In line with this, companies in Ajman Free Zone are required to assess their scope of meeting regulatory requirements such as Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) laws. Investors with access to business setup services in Ajman can easily meet requirements such as maintaining UBO registers. And filing of ESR notification & ESR reports.

    Choose the Best Business Setup Services in Ajman, UAE

    Opening a company in Ajman Free Zone is the best way for foreign investors to set their foot in the highly lucrative markets in the Middle East. Since the process of business setup in Ajman Free Zone is straightforward and flexible, investors can have an easy entry into the region. Business setup consultants in Ajman, such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC), can help the investors navigate the region’s immigration and labour laws.

    JBC’s experience and professionalism have made it the leading provider of business setup services in Ajman and the UAE. With a team of highly qualified business setup advisers, we can help entrepreneurs to set up their business in Ajman within days. JBC can handle the essential processes such as document drafting, applying for visas, sponsorship of employees & dependents and liaising with free zone authorities. JBC also helps the companies to comply with ESR, UBO and AML-CFT requirements. Dial our consultants today to enjoy a hassle-free business incorporation process in the UAE.

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