Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is generating a great deal of buzz among the business community for providing one of the cheapest free zone licenses in the UAE. Launched in 2017, the environment of business setup in SHAMS is most suited for media, advertisement, and other creative sectors. However, the free zone’s offerings are not limited to creative industries as SHAMS provides licenses for trading, e-commerce, technology, and industrial activities. Moreover, a SHAMS license enables entrepreneurs to leverage the benefits associated with company formation in Sharjah.

SHAMS is a highly progressive and well-organised media free zone in the UAE with a highly streamlined regulatory framework. A foreign investor who is new to the UAE may struggle with such regulations. However, entrepreneurs can simplify the steps of incorporation by applying through business setup consultants in the UAE. Explore further to know more about the business setup packages, licenses, activities, facilities and other benefits that investors can have by setting up a business in SHAMS.

Types of Licenses Issued by Sharjah Media City

A trade license is the no. 1 prerequisite that companies need to obtain to start a business in the UAE.  SHAMS issues mainly three types of licenses to start business operations. Together, the three licenses issued by SHAMS cover over 120 business activities. The following are the broad category of licenses issued by SHAMS:

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    1. Service License

    A SHAMS service license is meant for the production, re-production, transformation and distribution of services. All kinds of professional activities, including consultancy services, come under the service license in SHAMS.

    2. Trading License

    A trading license issued by SHAMS facilitates the sale of goods within the free zone or importing/exporting of goods. The trading license includes the retail and wholesale trading of goods along with the services associated with the sale of those goods. A general trading license is a typical example of a trading license.

    3. Industrial License

    A SHAMS-issued industrial license permits the production, re-production, transformation and manufacturing of goods. Business setup consultants in the UAE can help entrepreneurs obtain an industrial license without any hassle.

    Types of Companies Permitted in Sharjah Media City

    Before initiating the process of business setup in SHAMS, the investors must determine the kind of corporate legal structure they want for their company. A legal structure represents the number of shareholders in a company. Based on the number of shareholders, the entrepreneurs can form the following types of companies in SHAMS:

    Sharjah Media City Limited Liability Company

    A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the most popular legal structures opted by the investors wishing to set up a business in SHAMS. An LLC in SHAMS is an independent entity that separates the business owners & shareholders from the company. In an LLC, the company has to bear the liabilities and not the owners or shareholders.

    Branch of Foreign/UAE Companies

    Already established companies can open their branches in SHAMS without any hassle. The profits, gains, benefits and any types of revenue generated by the branch belong to the parent entity. Similarly, the costs, expenses, debts and other liabilities of the branch are costs, expenses, debts, and other liabilities incurred by the branch that belong to the parent company. Both foreign and UAE-based companies can open a branch in SHAMS. Consult with business setup consultants in Sharjah for more information.

    Office Space Options in Sharjah Media City

    Entrepreneurs nowadays look for office spaces in Sharjah that are affordable and equipped with modern amenities. SHAMS provides sophisticated and flexible office space options at affordable rates.

    1. Dedicated Desk

    A dedicated desk is a unique office space option offered by SHAMS for individuals. Entrepreneurs who opt for a SHAMS dedicated desk can easily network with other like-minded professionals. Investors seeking to rent a dedicated space can consult with the best business setup consultants in Sharjah.

    2. Shared Desk

    A shared desk in SHAMS is a common space that can be shared by multiple entrepreneurs. Individual entrepreneurs who long for a flexible workspace option with opportunities for networking can rent a shared desk in SHAMS.

    3. Dedicated Office

    A dedicated desk can be rented by individual entrepreneurs, and it is lockable. SHAMS’ range of dedicated desks includes both single desks and groups of desks. Entrepreneurs who wish to have privacy while working can rent a dedicated office in SHAMS. Company setup consultants in Sharjah can advise the investors to determine whether a dedicated office fits their business plan.

    Cost of Setting up a Business in Sharjah Media City

    SHAMS offers one of the most cost-effective licenses in the UAE compared to other free zones. The cost of setting up a company in SHAMS start from AED 5,750, which is a zero visa package. Investors can enjoy 100% ownership under this package with complete repatriation of capital. Entrepreneurs can choose an activity from the list of 120 activities permitted by SHAMS.

    Hire Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah

    The world of media is fast-changing with the advent of digital technologies and the emergence of social media. Entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the fast-moving media industry can go ahead with the process of business setup in SHAMS free zone. Apart from the media sectors, SHAMS offer plenty of business setup opportunities in e-commerce, trading, freelancing and industrial activities. However, entrepreneurs need to navigate some complex steps for which they can avail the help of business setup consultants in Sharjah, such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

    JBC is a leading provider of business setup services in UAE, having years of experience in company formation assistance. JBC can help entrepreneurs with license applications, drafting of documents, PRO services (visa, immigration etc.), and compliance services such as Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and Anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

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