Dubai South Free Zone is Dubai’s largest urban master development plan with its prime focus on aviation and logistic ecosystems. The process of business setup in Dubai South offers the benefit of excellent connectivity as the free zone houses the Al Maktoum Airport, one of the largest airports in the world. The free zone also boasts of a multi-modal transport infrastructure providing smooth connectivity through the land, air and sea. Dubai South also gained international recognition by hosting the Expo 2020 and the success of the event has enhanced the appeal of the free zone.

Apart from providing unique business-friendly benefits, Dubai South attracts foreign investors with a wide range of residential and commercial plots. Moreover, the process of company formation in Dubai South is straightforward and flexible. Entrepreneurs can expedite the incorporation process by applying through business setup consultants in Dubai. Read ahead for more information on licenses, business activities, key features and other benefits offered by Dubai South Free Zone.

Types of Licenses in Dubai South  

Dubai South Free Zone offers a wide range of trade licenses to cater to a diverse spectrum of industries and business requirements. The free zone is widely considered as an ideal destination for all kinds of businesses including startups, SMEs, big corporate groups and already established companies. The free zone offers the best business setup services in Dubai for all types of entities through a unique set of trade licenses. The following are the licenses available in Dubai South:

Aviation License 

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    Aviation license permits investors to carry out activities related to the aviation sector. The facilities in Dubai South perfectly align with the requirements of aviation businesses.

    Logistic License 

    Investors wishing to carry out specified logistic services must obtain a logistic license in Dubai South. Logistics services allowed in Dubai South free zone include storage, transportation, distribution, sorting, forwarding and clearing activities, order management, inventory management, etc.

    Industrial License 

    An industrial license in Dubai South permits the license holders to undertake a specific light manufacturing activity. Activities authorised by an industrial license in Dubai South include blending, mixing, purifying, assembling, forming, repacking, or wrapping products etc.

    General Trading License 

    A general trading license in Dubai South allows commercial entities to carry out trading, import and re-export multiple types of goods. Consult with business setup consultants in Dubai to obtain a general trading license quickly.

    Trading License 

    A trading license in Dubai South authorises license holders to import, export, sell, distribute and store items specified in the license. While a general trading license permits trading of multiple ranges of goods, a trading license allows trading of specific goods that are similar.

    Education License 

    Foreign investors must obtain an education license in Dubai South to carry out activities such as educational and social services, educational and training, and educational consultancy services. Business set up consultants in Dubai can provide more information on the license.

    Service License 

    A service license in Dubai South authorises the services specified in the license. Service licenses in Dubai South are issued to free zone companies that support the logistic sector and include services such as consulting, software, training, repair, and catering etc.

    Freelance Permit 

    Dubai South issues freelance permits to individuals who seek professional independence. Freelancers in Dubai South can benefit from the simple procedure of permit issuance and eligibility to apply for UAE Resident Visa.

    Legal Entities Recognised by Dubai South Free Zone 

    As per the rules of business setup in Dubai, a legal structure is determined based on the number of shareholders and the nature of the company. Dubai South Free Zone allows two types of legal structures for company incorporation. They are:

    1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company

    A Free Zone Limited Liability Company is called a DWC-LLC as the free zone was previously known as Dubai World Central (DWC). A DWC-LLC is a legal entity with its legal personality. A DWC-LLC is required to have Shareholders, Directors, a Company Secretary and a General Manager. The shareholders in a DWC-LLC can be both individuals and corporate entities.

    2. Branch Company 

    Companies already established outside the free zone can open a branch office in Dubai South. Both local companies and foreign companies are allowed to initiate the process of business setup in Dubai South. A branch company doesn’t have a separate legal personality and derives power and authority from its parent entity. A branch should have the same name as its parent company with the suffix ‘branch’. A general manager should be appointed to manage the day to day operations of the branch. However, a branch company is not allowed to appoint a board of directors or company secretary.

    Infrastructure Facilities in Dubai South Free Zone 

    The process of business setup in Dubai South allows investors to leverage the robust infrastructure facilities within the free zone. Having access to the best facilities is crucial for the daily operations of a business and its eventual success. Fortunately, Dubai South Free Zone stands out from the rest on account of the four business districts listed below:

    Logistics District 

    The 18 sq. km Logistics district in Dubai South enables easy movement of goods through the logistics corridor. The cargo can be moved from port to airport in just 20 minutes. The logistics district infrastructure consists of warehouse facilities that facilitate flexible storage systems.

    EZDubai E-commerce Zone 

    Inside the Logistics District, there is a purpose-built e-commerce zone called EZDubai. It is a 920,000 square-meter zone built to foster the e-commerce business in the UAE and the Middle East region. EZDubai offers a wide range of business setup services in Dubai for both MNCs and SMEs. EZDubai comprises six dedicated areas designed for various e-commerce requirements such as last-mile centres, e-fulfilment centres, repair & return centres, supply centres, and office solutions. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help foreign investors set up a business in the EZDubai zone.

    MBR Aerospace Hub

    Dubai South is the region’s first dedicated free zone for aviation and aerospace and it offers a dedicated aerospace hub called The Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR) Aerospace Hub for investors. MBR Aerospace hub provides investors with a robust aviation ecosystem close to the Al Maktoum International Airport. The MBR Aerospace Hub is poised to become a top contributor to the emirate’s economic growth and enhance the UAE’s position as a global air, sea and road transport network.

    Commercial District 

    The Commercial District in Dubai South consists of commercial and retail facilities such as leased office spaces, a business centre with smart desks etc. The Commercial District offers investment opportunities for investors at affordable rates.

    Residential District  

    Dubai South has built quality residential units to suit the requirements of investors, tenants and homeowners. The Pulse is Dubai South’s flagship residential project that comprises 1,400 apartments and townhouses, shopping malls, hotels, retail, communities and properties. Sakany is Dubai South’s leasehold staff accommodation that offers first-rate leisure and sports facilities, well-equipped medical rooms, and self-cooking facilities.

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai South 

    Foreign investors are entitled to the following benefits by setting up a business in Dubai South:

    • 100% ownership
    • 100% repatriation of capital
    • Strategic location
    • Easy Connectivity to Abu Dhabi & Dubai
    • Accessibility by Land, Sea & Air
    • Proximity to Expo2020
    • Proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport
    • Flexible Leasing Terms
    • Warehouse facilities
    • Ready to move in offices
    • Smart desks & office solutions
    • All services under one roof
    • The flexible business setup process

    Compliance Requirements in Dubai South 

    The process of business setup in Dubai South comes with a lot of benefits and some critical responsibilities. Business owners need to comply with the latest economic regulations such as Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO), Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) and Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT). Even companies under liquidation need to comply with these mandatory requirements. Investors can consult with business setup consultants in Dubai to assess whether they fall within the scope of these economic regulations.

    The Best Business Setup Services in Dubai, UAE 

    Business setup in Dubai South is one of the best options for foreign investors to establish a presence in the emerging markets of the Middle East region. Location is the key highlight of the fee zone due to its proximity to the Al Maktoum Airport and the Expo 2020 site. The free zone benefits can be easily leveraged by availing the best business setup services in Dubai. Business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Jitendra Business Consultants, offer the best company formation services to foreign investors.

    JBC’s team of business setup advisers are highly qualified and well-versed in UAE immigration laws and labour laws. We provide advice on all kinds of business requirements such as applying for a UAE Residency Visa, opening a bank account and meeting compliance requirements such as ESR, UBO and AML-CFT. If JBC is found to be the right fit, feel free to contact our company formation specialists for an insightful consultation.

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