JBC Referral Terms and Conditions



  • The referral program is subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • The referred person must not be a Jitendra Consulting Group existing or past client.
  • The referee must be having a valid Passport with a minimum age of 21 years old.
  • Jitendra Business Consultants has all the rights to hold, void, restrict, cancel, withdraw, suspend, delay, review or amend the referral program at any time without any explanation and shall not be liable for any losses incurred.
  • Referral shall be valid upon providing the full details of the referred party i.e. Name, Email, Phone Number and bank details  The referrer shall bear all taxes, charges & fees chargeable by any regulatory body, government or banks.
  • If the same reference is being provided by multiple referrers, the referral fee shall be offered to the first referrer
  • The referred party must not have been referred to Jitendra Business Consultants by a third party previously, whether before or after the commencing of the referral agreement.
  • Referral fees shall only be paid via bank transfer to the original referrer name.
  • In any circumstances, the referral cannot act, advise and sign any agreement on behalf of Jitendra Business Consultants
  • The referral fees shall only be paid after 30 days of the completion of the incorporation of a company and on the full payment of the invoices issued to the referred party.
  • The approval of the refer is strictly subjected to the compliance of the UAE Anti-Money laundering regulations.
  • Referral fees are only offered on new company incorporation in the UAE and not on the renewals
  • Referrals provided through an online web form shall only be considered and taken into account. Any spam, repetitive, misleading and illegal mode of communication would automatically disqualify the referrer for an indefinite period.
  • Jitendra Business Consultants has all the right to examine all the documents or information provided by the referrer and the referred party and shall not be responsible for any delay caused by this process.
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