Requirements For Obtaining An Education Consultancy License In Dubai Mainland

Key steps and requirements for obtaining an education consultancy license in Dubai Mainland

This is the right time to start an educational consultancy business in Dubai in the wake of the recent educational reforms initiated by the UAE government. Furthermore, the landscape of business setup in Dubai is perfectly aligned for educational consultancy businesses as the emirate boasts of a good pool of exceptional students. However, to know about the legal requirements of obtaining an educational consultancy license, it is advisable to apply through business setup consultants in Dubai.

In this article, we will look at the key steps and requirements to set up an educational consultancy business in Dubai. You can also understand the scope of activities and the special approvals required to open an educational consultancy business in Dubai. Let’s explore further:

Scope and Coverage of Educational Consultancy License

The educational consultancy license in Dubai covers a vast segment of student groups ranging from pre-school to post-graduation. The scope of the license covers courses such as overseas education, online courses, training sessions, short courses and corporate training, learning and development courses for students, soft-skill training, advanced technology courses etc. More details on the activities can be gained from the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

Process of Obtaining an Educational Consultancy License in Dubai

To set up an educational consultancy business in Dubai mainland, you must approach the Department of Economic Development (DED). DED is the competent authority issuing trade licenses in Dubai mainland.

1. Trade Name Selection for the Business

As a first step in the process of business setup in Dubai, you need to finalise a name for your business. The process of naming a company in Dubai must be done by complying with the naming guidelines set out by the DED.

2. Choosing Business Activities

Based on the services you are planning to deliver, carefully choose the right business activities for your company. Choosing the wrong activity or engaging in an activity not permitted as per the trade license must be avoided. Taking the assistance of an expert business setup consultant in Dubai will help you to easily navigate this step.

3. Selection of an Appropriate Legal Structure

Determine how many shareholders or partners will be there in your company. Based on the number of partners, choose an appropriate legal structure.

4. Rent an Office Space

In the next step, you must rent an office space for your educational consultancy business in Dubai. You must get a tenancy contract from your landlord and get it attested (Ejari). Business Consultants in Dubai can advise you on selecting the right office space as per your requirements. You can choose from numerous cost-effective office space options in the Dubai mainland area.

5. Submitting the Documents for Approval 

You must submit documents such as shareholder passport copy, photograph, application form etc to the DED for processing the trade license. Business setup experts in Dubai will guide you through the process of document submission to the DED. You must also submit the tenancy contract of the office space to the DED.

6. Obtain Special Approval from KHDA

Educational Consultancy License in UAE falls under a special category and would require approvals from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Educational activities in the UAE are listed under the special activities as such activities have a profound influence on the daily lives of the public. By putting them under the regulation of the KHDA, the government can identify and prevent any non-permitted activities or fraud conducted by educational consultancies. You must also note that the KHDA will carry out periodic inspections at the premises before and after issuing the educational consultancy license in Dubai.

7. Pay the Fee and Obtain the Trade License

You may need to pay a specific set of official fees to obtain an educational Consultancy License in Dubai. The cost structure may also depend upon the required visa quota for hiring employees for your business. Business setup specialists can advise you on the cost of obtaining an educational consultancy license in Dubai mainland.

8. Apply for UAE Residence Visa and Open a Bank Account

After receiving the educational consultancy license from the DED, you can apply for visas for yourself, your partners, family, employees etc. Furthermore, you can open a corporate bank account in Dubai under your company’s name. Since the bank account opening process requires you to navigate extensive KYC norms, getting assistance from business setup consultants in Dubai is recommended.

Apply through the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Obtaining an educational Consultancy License in Dubai is a lucrative business opportunity for foreign investors. The environment of business setup in Dubai offers plenty of opportunities for educational investors in the field of training, learning & development, advanced engineering, technology, vocational streams etc. However, foreign entrepreneurs are advised to seek the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) before applying for a business license. JBC’s team of highly qualified consultants can help you navigate all the key requirements such as KHDA approval, bank account opening, visa processing, and compliance requirements related to ESR, UBO and VAT.

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