Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone: A Guide to Licensing Packages & Activities

Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone A guide to licensing packages & activities

Opting for the process of business setup in the Meydan free zone allows you to locate your company in a premium location amidst a thriving, centrally located community. Starting a business in Meydan free zone is an easier process if you hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai. The free zone was established in 2009 in one of Dubai’s most prestigious addresses: Nad Al Sheba, near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City and the Dubai Logistics Corridor.

Company formation in Meydan free zone offers you benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, modern facilities, 100% repatriation of profits, easy business setup, tax exemptions, strategic location etc. Apart from such benefits, Meydan free zone offers several cost-effective business setup packages and a wide range of activities. Let’s look at what those licensing packages are:

Packages for Business Setup in Meydan Free Zone 

The process of company formation in the Meydan free zone is flexible and straightforward. The free zone authority has designed each package to fit the needs of foreign investors. The packages are affordable for all sizes of businesses and are easy to obtain. However, you must choose the packages meticulously, for which the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai can be sought. Given below are the top company formation packages in Meydan free zone:

Package 1 

The cheapest license package in Meydan free zone starts from AED 12,500. It’s a zero visa package, allowing you to choose up to three business activities in Meydan free zone. The license type is an LLC-FZ Trade License that comes with a lease agreement as well. If this package is the right fit for your business, company setup consultants in Dubai can help you apply for it.

Package 2 

This package offers you an LLC-FZ Trade License at a fee of 14,350. The package offers up to three business activities with a single visa allocation. A lease agreement is also available if you opt for this licensing package in Meydan free zone.

Package 3 

The cost of business setup in the Meydan free zone under this package starts from AED 18,050. You can have three visas under this package with the option to choose up to three business activities. You can obtain an LLC-FZ Trade License with a lease agreement along with this package. Consult with business setup consultants in Dubai for further details.

Package 4 

The fourth package for company formation in Meydan free zone allows you to obtain an LLC-FZ Trade License for AED 23,600. The package comes with the option to choose up to three business activities and six visas. A lease agreement is also provided along with this cost-effective package.

Business Activities in Meydan Free Zone 

You need to choose the right activity before starting a business in Meydan Free Zone. Choosing the wrong activity will adversely impact your business, leading to its sudden demise. Meydan free zone offers more than 1,500 business activities and it’s not an easy task to identify the right one. However, business setup experts in Dubai can help foreign investors to choose the right activity and the corresponding trade license. The following is an innovative list of some of the major business activities in the Meydan free zone:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Transportation & storage
  4. Real estate activities
  5. Information and Communication
  6. Education
  7. Arts, entertainment and recreation
  8. Financial and insurance activities
  9. Accommodation and food service activities
  10. Human health and social service activities
  11. Wholesale and retail trade
  12. Professional, scientific and technical activities
  13. Administrative & support services
  14. Repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  15. Other service activities

Why You Should Choose Meydan Free Zone? 

There are over 40 active free zones in the UAE and more than half of them are located in Dubai. Choosing one free zone from a long list of premium free zones is not an easy task. You must be able to analyse the benefits and compare the features to choose the free zone best suited for your requirements. Business setup consultants in Dubai can advise you on choosing the right free zone. Meanwhile, find below some of the benefits offered by the Meydan free zone:

1. Strategic Location 

Meydan free zone is located at the heart of Dubai, providing you with a prestigious business address. The free zone is only 15 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport and mere minutes from Downtown Dubai. The easy accessibility makes import and export activities hassle-free. Moreover, your clients and staff can reach the office easily.

2. Work within a Vibrant Community 

The free zone is located in the luxurious Meydan Hotel, overlooking the world-famous Meydan Racecourse that hosts Dubai World Cup as well as The Track. The nearby Meydan Golf attracts stars from across the world.

3. Networking Opportunities

By opening a company in Meydan Free Zone, you get an exclusive opportunity to network with a business community that fosters growth through innovation & collaboration. You can collaborate with countless startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations, giving you more opportunities to grow the business.

4. Excellent Business Support 

The process of setting up a business in Meydan is straightforward as the free zone offers all services under one roof. Meydan free zone supports businesses by offering benefits such as zero paid-up share capital, quick & easy incorporation, flexibility on the number of visas, support to open a bank account, coworking spaces & other facilities with 24*7 security, issuance of company documents within a few days etc.

How can Jitendra Business Consultants Help You? 

The environment of business setup in the Meydan free zone is ideal for all types of companies due to its cost-effective packages and diverse set of activities. However, choosing the right package and activity is a daunting process for which business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can offer assistance. JBC’s highly qualified consultants are well-versed in UAE immigration laws and labour laws, which will make the process easier for you.

JBC can help foreign investors prepare all the legal documents and get them translated into Arabic. We will help you to navigate the challenges of getting your visas processed and sponsor the visas of your dependents and workers. Our experts can also help you to comply with Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) laws.

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