Planning to Start an Engineering Firm in Dubai? First, obtain Municipality Permit

Planning to Start an Engineering Firm in Dubai? First, obtain Municipality Permit

The transformation of Dubai as a global trading hub owes to its decades-old strategy of “Build it and They Will Come”. This business model hinges upon the practice of building bigger luxury apartments and waiting for wealthy foreigners to snap them up. The success of this tried and tested formula explains the reason why Dubai is a haven of mega architectural projects.

Setting up an engineering firm in Dubai mainland is lucrative due to the emirate’s belief in such an approach. Foreign investors must carefully follow the regulations of business setup in Dubai set out by Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET, previously DED) to get the trade license.

However, there is a catch: you must obtain external approval from Dubai Municipality (DM) to practice any engineering-related activity in Dubai. This complex requirement can be navigated with the help of the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

If you wish to get an engineering business license in Dubai mainland, we can offer you some valuable insights regarding the DM approval:

Obtain a Dubai Mainland License First

Before approaching the DM, it is imperative to apply for a trade license from DET, which is the licensing authority for mainland companies in Dubai. DET requires you to follow a set of highly streamlined steps to initiate the process of company formation in Dubai.

Business setup advisers in Dubai can assist you in each step to save you from delays. The following are the steps to obtain an engineering firm license in Dubai mainland:

  1. Select the specific engineering activity
  2. Choose a name for the company
  3. Determine legal structure
  4. Get DET’s initial approval
  5. Approach DM for external approval
  6. Rent a space, get the Ejari done
  7. Submit all documents to DET
  8. Make the payments
  9. Receive the license
  10. Apply for visas
  11. Open a bank account in Dubai

Dubai Municipality Approval for Engineering Firms

You can apply for DM approval after getting the initial approval and trade name certificate from the DET. You can’t get a license for your engineering service firm in Dubai without DM approval.

Since this is a mandatory requirement, it is advisable to get assistance from the best company setup consultants in Dubai. The following requirements must be met to get DM approval are listed below:

  • Apply through the DM website
  • Submit initial approval and trade name certificate
  • Obtain the Engineering Professional Practice Certificate.
  • Technical staff should be accredited by Dubai Municipality.
  • Technical staff should be registered in the Society of Engineers in the UAE
  • Wait for DM’s reply
  • Pay the due fees upon approval
  • Receive the permit through the website within three days

Why External Approval is Required for Engineering Activities?

Some business activities in Dubai require external approval from related ministries or government departments even though the DET issues the trade license. Such activities that require external approvals in Dubai are called special activities. Restaurants, engineering services, accounting services, and legal services are some of the regulated activities in Dubai that require government approvals. The UAE government classifies certain activities as special activities when they become liable to create a deep impact on our daily lives.

Hire the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai for Assistance

Getting approval for special activities in Dubai such as engineering services is a complex process. You need to first go through the rules set out by the DET and thereafter comply with the DM regulations for getting an engineering activity permit. The struggle can delay the process of getting a business license in Dubai.

This delay can be avoided by hiring the leading business setup advisers in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). We are a top-league company setup advisory firm in Dubai with over two decades of experience. Our consultants can help you navigate the DM regulations as well as the UAE labour and immigration laws. Call us today to open an engineering company in Dubai without any hassle.

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