A PRO Firm’s Guide to Medical Fitness Tests for UAE Residence Visas

A PRO firm's guide to medical fitness tests for UAE residence visas

If you are a foreign investor or an entrepreneur planning to get a UAE residency visa, you must first clear the medical fitness test. However, most of the visa applicants will be unaware of the medical fitness test conditions and requirements for which the assistance of PRO firms in Dubai can be availed. Investors will also need to understand the medical fitness test requirements while sponsoring the visas of their employees, family, maids, other domestic workers etc.

Failing the medical fitness test may disqualify an applicant from obtaining a residence visa in the UAE. It means you need to understand the criteria set by the UAE government to successfully clear a medical fitness test. Read the below article to understand what is a medical fitness test in the UAE and how can you apply for one.

When Do You Need to Do a Medical Test in the Uae?

Foreigners need to undergo a medical fitness test in the UAE while applying for a new residence or employment visa. UAE residents with an expired visa should also appear for the medical test at the time of the visa renewal. The medical fitness test is not mandatory for residents under the age of 18.

However, a medical fitness test is required if only less than a month is remaining for an applicant to turn 18. Parents over 75 years of age do not require a Medical Fitness Certificate to renew their residence visas. They can use a photocopy of the first report for the next three years. Consult with PRO companies in Dubai to determine whether you require to undergo a medical fitness test to obtain a residence visa.

Health Requirements for UAE Visa Medical Test

As per the relevant laws, foreign nationals applying for the UAE residence visa must be free from all kinds of communicable diseases such as HIV and TB. Abu Dhabi will subject foreign nationals to a mandatory chest x-ray to detect pulmonary tuberculosis. However, the emirate of Dubai does not carry out a chest x-ray to detect pulmonary tuberculosis.

Female domestic workers should test negative for pregnancy for clearing medical fitness tests. Furthermore, the following category of workers must test negative for syphilis and Hepatitis B:

  1. Workers in nurseries
  2. Domestic workers such as housemaids, nannies and drivers
  3. Food handlers and workers in restaurants and cafes
  4. Workers in saloons and beauty centres
  5. Workers in health clubs

Special Requirements for TB Screening

The UAE passed a Cabinet Resolution in 2016, which details the TB screening requirements for foreign national residents. As per the resolution, resident expatriates must undergo TB screening while renewing their UAE residence visas. Applicants found with scars or active TB or having drug-resistant TB will be granted a conditional fitness certificate and residence visa valid for one year. Such residents need to undergo TB treatment in the UAE.

Time Limit for New Visas and Renewals

As per the rules, applicants for a new visa must complete the medical fitness test within 60 days from the date of entry. Foreign nationals are required to complete a medical fitness test and visa renewal within 30 days from the date of expiry. PRO companies in Dubai can assess your status and get the process done before the deadline.

Where Can You Get the Medical Fitness Test Done?

Foreigners can visit different health authorities for a medical test depending on the Emirate that issues their visa. It is important to note that the government will not accept medical fitness certificates issued by private clinics. PRO firms in Dubai can guide you on the health facilities where you can get the medical fitness test done. Here is an Emirates-wise list of health authorities that issue medical fitness certificates for UAE residence visas:

  • Disease Prevention and Screening Centre, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) for Abu Dhabi
  • Medical Fitness Centres, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for Dubai
  • Medical Examination Centres, Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) for all other emirates

Documents Required for New Visas

Foreigners applying for a new UAE residence visa need to carry the following documents while visiting the health centre:

  • Original Passport
  • Original Visa or copy
  • One photograph (white background, new and not older than 3 months)
  • Emirates ID application should be shown at the Clinic (at MOH Clinic only).
  • Typed online form

Documents Required for UAE Visa Renewals

Residents applying for a visa renewal must carry the following documents while visiting the health centre:

  • Passport copy
  • Original Emirates ID (at the time of typing online application)
  • One photograph (white background, new and not older than 3 months)
  • Typed online form
  • Original Passport & Emirates ID must be shown at the Clinic

Consult with the Best PRO Firms in Dubai, UAE

Foreign nationals applying for a UAE residence visa must undergo a medical fitness test and clear it successfully. Applying for a visa through PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is the best way to clear the process fast. JBC is one of the leading companies offering the best PRO services in Dubai. JBC is one of the best PRO companies in Dubai employing the best industry practices to help you comply with the existing rules and regulations. JBC also offers efficient document clearing services in Dubai such as trade license application & renewal, government approvals, sponsoring the visas of dependents and domestic workers, UAE Golden Visa, investor or partner visa etc.

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