How to Transfer a Child’s Visa Sponsorship from Father to Mother in Dubai?

How to Transfer a Child's Visa Sponsorship from Father to Mother in Dubai

Sponsoring the residency visas of children is a significant moment for expatriate investors and professionals living in Dubai. The UAE’s residency laws are lenient towards expatriate residents when it comes to sponsoring their families, especially children. Moreover, PRO firms in Dubai make the execution of the process easier for the expatriates.

However, there are certain situations where the residents will be forced to transfer the sponsorship of their children to their spouses. Dubai allows a father to transfer the sponsorship of his children to the mother if she is eligible to sponsor the kids. We will examine the circumstances, conditions and requirements associated with the transfer of sponsorship. Read ahead.

Common Reason for Transferring Sponsorship 

Children living in Dubai are often sponsored by their father who is working or doing a business in Dubai. However, sometimes the father may lose the job/business or will be forced to leave the country. In such cases, the mother of the children can sponsor them provided she is working in Dubai and is eligible for sponsorship. The process of transferring the family visa sponsorship in Dubai is given below.

Requirements for the Mother 

To sponsor the visa of her children, a mother is required to have a salary no less than AED 3500 plus company accommodation or a total salary of AED 4000. In addition, the following documents must be presented:

  • Marriage certificate attested by the UAE embassy of the home country and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The child’s birth certificate, attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Tenancy Contract, attested through Ejari online system
  • The last three months’ bank statements
  • Original Passports of child and mother
  • A copy of the father’s passport

The Process of Transferring Family Visa Sponsorship 

The process of transferring the sponsorship to an eligible mother is quite straightforward. The father of the children must cancel his current employment visa and exit the UAE. This often happens when the father loses his job and in such a case, the child’s visa must be cancelled in advance. The Emirates ID should also be cancelled.

After gathering all the documents, the applicants can approach the best PRO companies in Dubai. The applicants should inform them whether the child is I side or outside the UAE. The PRO firms will help the applicants to get the paperwork done for the application. Once the paper works are done, present the application to the immigration department. The following actions will happen afterwards:

  • The immigration department approves the application
  • Once the entry permit is granted, get the status changed with the help of PRO companies in Dubai, if the child is within the UAE
  • Obtain the Emirates ID cancelled form and get the Emirates ID typed
  • Immigration department stamps the visa
  • If the child is below 18 no medical is performed

List of Mandatory Documents 

While applying for sponsoring the children in Dubai, the mother is required to submit the following documents:

  • Immigration approval paper
  • Original Emirates Id of both father & mother  (old & new sponsor)
  • Salary certificate of the new sponsor
  • House rental contract if the new sponsor / EJARI
  • New Emirates ID Renewal Application Form
  • New Medical Test Report (if the child is above 18 years of age)
  • Health Insurance card/ Insurance Certificate
  • New Sponsor Account IBAN Number
  • Dependents Passport + current residence copy
  • Sponsor Account IBAN Number

How Can the Best PRO Firms in Dubai Help you? 

In Dubai, the residency visas of children are typically sponsored by their father who is employed. However, special circumstances may arise when he lose the job or is forced to leave the country. In such situations, he can transfer the sponsorship to the mother if she is employed and meets the conditions for sponsorship in the UAE. PRO firms in Dubai can make the process easier for the parents who seek the transfer of sponsorship.

When it comes to PRO services in Dubai, look no further than Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). JBC can simplify the process of residency visa sponsorship and related procedures for you. Being one of the top PRO companies in Dubai, JBC has helped out thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals with residency visa sponsorship. We will take care of complex processes like visa application, immigration approvals, typing of the documents, medical fitness test, visa stamping etc. JBC will ensure that the process will be completed faster so you can legally have your family members stay in Dubai.

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