Leverage the Key Benefits of PRO Services While Starting a Business in Dubai

Leverage the Key Benefits of PRO Services while starting a business in Dubai

Incorporating a business in Dubai require investors to carefully complete a pile of legal paperwork and visit multiple governments. Red-tapism is a universal problem and UAE in general and Dubai, in particular, is no exception to it. Most entrepreneurs are equipped with the skill to operate a business seamlessly but completing legal documentation is a different ball game that requires a different set of skills and experience. No entrepreneur is trained to navigate the critical requirements of visa processing and other licensing requirements. This is where the service of PRO firms in Dubai becomes indispensable for foreign investors.

Foreign investors will face multiple difficulties while dealing with the legal requirements of the company formation. Dealing with government authorities, drafting documents, translating and attesting key documents etc. requires the assistance of PRO companies in Dubai. In this article, we describe in detail why you should take advantage of PRO services in Dubai while opening a business in the emirate.

Who is a Public Relations Officer?

A Public Relations Officer or a PRO is a person who liaises with various government authorities and departments on behalf of his company. A PRO quickly establishes a good rapport with government departments so that the entrepreneurs can easily comply with all the legal paperwork. A PRO will assist you in key requirements such as obtaining a trade license, passport clearances, visas and other immigration paperwork, corporate legal setup etc. More importantly, a PRO acts as a key link between the investors and the local government authorities.

What are PRO Firms in Dubai?

Not all companies can afford to employ an individual PRO to take care of key legal documentation. In such a situation they outsource the requirement to PRO companies in Dubai that efficiently deal with all the paperwork and government liaising. Nowadays, not only small firms but big corporate groups also prefer to outsource their PRO requirements to PRO firms. Hiring PRO firms in Dubai instead of appointing an individual saves time and money, ensuring a high level of efficiency.

List of Key Services Offered by PRO Companies in Dubai

Foreign investors need to meet plenty of legal compliance requirements while setting up a business in Dubai. PRO firms in Dubai assist them to meet such requirements by offering the following services:

  • Processing of documents in the Immigration, Labour, and other government departments
  • Processing Immigration Card and Labour Card
  • Processing and renewal of company owner’s visa, director visa, managing partner visa, residence visa & employment visa etc.
  • Assist to notarise import/export and other legal documents through a public notary
  • Move applications for government approvals and NOCs
  • Ensure the legal documents are prepared properly and translated into Arabic

Benefits of Having Access to PRO Services in Dubai

1. Saves Cost

Hiring an individual as a PRO involves additional costs such as salary and other benefits. Also, the prompt delivery of services depends upon the experience, attitude and skill of the individual. On the other hand, you need to pay only for the services rendered while hiring PRO firms in Dubai.

2. PRO Firms Keep Pace With New Laws and Regulations in UAE

PRO firms can advise businesses about any changes regarding immigration and labour laws. In recent times, the UAE has made significant amendments to the labour laws. PRO firms can help investors keep track of such changes.

3. Benefits of Legal and Local Expertise

PRO services with their familiarity with the local market can help an organisation to achieve its goals with minimal hurdles. PRO with their legal expertise in the Arabic language can help translate and attest to the legal documents of companies.

4. Easy Processing, Renewal of IDs and Other Documents

Processing and renewal of IDs and other key documents can be expedited with the help of PRO companies in Dubai. The Emirates ID is an important legal requirement for UAE residents and PRO firms can make the process of obtaining it hassle-free.

5. Help With Visas for Entrepreneurs and Their Family

Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai is the best way to obtain visas for investors and to sponsor the visas of their families. For instance, obtaining a visa for a domestic worker or maid involves a lot of legal requirements, which can be simplified by availing of PRO services in Dubai.

Hire the Best PRO Firms in Dubai, UAE

Businesses can’t ignore the services of PRO firms in Dubai to ensure accurate paperwork and legal compliance. Outsourcing all the documentation and government-related services to the best PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) helps you to ensure all your legal requirements are met properly. JBC provides all the key PRO services in Dubai such as application of, renewal and cancellation of a partner, investor’s visa for the free zone and LLC companies, processing of visas for dependents, renewal of trade license, translation of documents into different languages etc.

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