How to Start a Legal Consultant Company in Dubai Mainland?

How to Start a Legal Consultant Company in Dubai Mainland

As per the latest report, the total number of legal consultants registered with the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department reached 2,769 as of August 2022. Interestingly, a major share of these consultants hails from non-Arab nationalities. These statistics indicate that starting a legal consultant business in Dubai is lucrative for foreign entrepreneurs. However, applying through business setup consultants in Dubai is advisable as it is a special activity and external approvals are required.

Starting a legal consultancy in Dubai offers you immense opportunities as businesses of all sizes are based in the emirate. All of these companies need legal advice, giving you the chance to set up small and grow big. Apart from that businesses will need your advice to create plans and policies to ensure compliance with various regulations at the emirate and Federal levels. However, to leverage these benefits, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of business setup in Dubai mainland. Aspiring legal consultants can keep reading to understand the key aspects of company formation in Dubai mainland:

Legal Consultancy License in Dubai: What is It? 

Before applying for a trade license in Dubai, you must know about the activities it permits and the authority that issues the license. A legal consultants license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), which is the competent authority regulating the process of company registration in Dubai mainland. It is a Professional License with the activity code: 6910002.

A Legal consultant license in Dubai is issued for offices and firms that offer consultancy services and prepare legal studies of the lawsuits and the legal questions submitted thereto. However, legal consultant companies in Dubai are not authorised to assume the defence before courts in this regard. Consult with business setup consultants in Dubai to get this license without any hassle.

How to Obtain a Legal Consultancy License in Dubai mainland? 

Every legal consultant must know the regulations of company registration in Dubai mainland before applying for a trade license. The process of setting up a company in Dubai can be completed by following the steps designed by the DED. Business setup advisers in Dubai can help you to complete each step as per the DED guidelines. The following are the major steps of company incorporation in Dubai:

1. Decide an Activity

You can select the activity as Legal Consultants which comes within the activity group of Legal Services. You should not confuse it with other activities such as Lawyers & Advocates, which also come under Legal Services. Business Setup experts in Dubai can help you choose the activity correctly.

2. Select a Name for the Company

You need to select a name for the company. The name should comply with the naming guidelines set out by the DED. You can submit three potential names for DED approval.

3. Choose a Proper Legal Structure

You need to select a legal structure for your legal consultancy based on the number of shareholders. Business owners can set up a legal consultancy in Dubai as a branch, a sole establishment or a civil company.

4. Apply for Initial Approval from DED

This is an important step of business setup in Dubai where you need to obtain an initial approval certificate from the DED. This certificate shows that the DED has no objection to your application for company registration.

5. Appoint a Local Service Agent

Since it is a professional license, you must appoint a Local Service Agent (LSA). An LSA will not interfere in your company’s matters and is not entitled to any share in your company.

6. Get External Approvals

You need to obtain external approval for registering a legal consultancy business in Dubai. The approval should be obtained from H.H The Ruler’s Court-Legal Affairs. Company formation consultants in Dubai can assist you with the external approval process.

7. Get an Office Space

You need to rent an office space to start a legal consultancy firm in Dubai. You must sign the tenancy contract and get it attested (Ejari).

8. Submit all documents and get the license

In this step, you must submit all the documents to the DED including the LSA agreement, external approval and the Ejari. The DED will issue the license after the payment of the official fees.

Get Assistance from Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE 

Setting up a legal consultancy firm in Dubai requires a better understanding of the laws, rules and procedures of company registration. The license issuance will be delayed if the entrepreneurs try to do the entire process without any professional assistance. However, you can hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) to navigate all the DED procedures.

JBS has a team of highly qualified consultants who are well-versed in the UAE immigration and labour laws. You can use their expertise to navigate key challenges such as document drafting, obtaining external approvals, bank account opening, visa processing etc. Consult with us today to open a company in Dubai without any hassle.

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