UAE Visa Regulations: Latest Requirements to Attest Your Certificates

UAE Visa Regulations Latest requirements to attest your certificates

Relocating to UAE can be an exciting idea for foreign investors and professionals. However, you need to meet many legal procedures before making the crucial move. Attestation of important certificates is a mandatory requirement for those who wish to work and live in the UAE. PRO firms in Dubai can help such individuals who wish to get their certificates attested.

Attesting your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) is mandatory to prove the legality of your certificates. However, your visa processing may get delayed if you execute the procedure in the wrong way. Availing PRO services in Dubai is the best way to ensure your certificates are attested properly. This blog will equip you with relevant information on the process of getting your certificates attested in the UAE.

What is UAE Certificate Attestation?

The UAE certificate attestation is required to prove that your documents are valid and admissible for use in the country. It is mandatory to verify that your certificates issued outside the UAE are authentic. The UAE attestation process involves the verification of every detail mentioned in the certificate. The authorities check whether the details stated in the certificates are reliable and truthful.

The authorities verify the contents, signature and stamp on your certificate for its veracity. Once the verification is done with no anomalies identified, relevant authorities at each level stamp and sign the documents. Once attested, your certificate become valid for use within the UAE. In this way, the documents get legalised and will be accepted in the country for various purposes including employment, education or sponsoring the UAE residence visa of your dependents. It is advisable to seek the advice of PRO companies in Dubai before submitting your documents for attestation.

Key Things to Remember Before Attesting Your Certificates

Adhering to standard procedures is critical to getting your certificates attested in the UAE. Foreign investors and other individuals may not be aware of many such rules. However, using PRO services in Dubai will help you to navigate the procedural challenges. The following things can help you to prepare for facing the challenges:

  • Ensure that all the certificates and documents are authenticated by relevant authorities in your home country before submitting them for attestation in the UAE
  • UAE attestation is mandatory for purposes including employment, visa, study, medical and other purposes
  • MoFAIC is the only competent authority that provides attestation services in the country for documents issued outside or inside the UAE
  • All the documents must be verified and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issuance of the document and must be ratified by the UAE embassy or consulate abroad or the foreign mission inside the country

Types of Certificate for Document Attestation

Depending on your purpose, you will be required to attest to various documents. PRO firms in Dubai can advise you on what types of documents are required to be attested based on your specific need in the country. Some of the key certificates that you must attest to are given below:

  • Degree Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Medical Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Board Resolutions
  • Memorandum or Articles of Association
  • Articles of Association

The Process of Attesting Certificates in the UAE

The process of getting your certificates attested in the UAE is straightforward given that you have met all the requirements. The following steps must be executed to get your documents attested in the UAE

Step 1 Registration

From July 18, all the requests for document attestation in the UAE are to be submitted through the MoFAIC registration portal only. On the website, you have to select the customer types (individual or company). Next, you need to enter the information in the required fields and submit the request. A smart pass account must be created (if you don’t have one) to access the application system. PRO companies in Dubai can do the process on your behalf.

Step 2 Apply for MoFAIC attestation in the UAE

In this step, you will be directed to a smart form which you need to fill up with the required information. You can proceed to attach the document that you need to get attested. Finally, select the intended authority for the attestation and click submit.

Step 3 Review of Application

After the submission of the request, your application will be reviewed by the selected authority. If it meets all the requirements, the authority will send you the approval. You can proceed with the payment once you receive the approval. You can apply through the best PRO firms in Dubai to expedite the approval.

Consult with the Best PRO Companies in Dubai, UAE

Using professional PRO services in Dubai can reduce the stress of getting your certificates attested. PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can ensure all the requirements for attestation are met, minimising the risk of costly delays or errors. JBC is one of the leading PRO companies in Dubai providing expert solutions for document notarization, legalisation and attestation. Leverage our robust PRO solutions to enjoy a hassle-free document attestation service in the UAE.

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