Shams E-Gaming License: Everything You Need to Know

Shams E-Gaming License Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to company formation in the UAE, options galore for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The government leaves no stone untouched when it comes to creating a conducive environment of business setup in the UAE for aspiring entrepreneurs. The same can be said about setting up an e-gaming business in the UAE as certain free zones in the country, such as the Sharjah Media City (Shams), have come with trade licensing dedicated to gaming and e-sports activity.

Setting up an e-gaming business in Shams is a lucrative opportunity for investors as the free zone is known for cost-effective licenses, robust infrastructure, strategic location and easy company registration procedures. Moreover, the free zone’s single window system brings all the business setup services in Shams under one roof for investors. Business setup consultants in Sharjah can provide you with more information on Shams e-gaming license as detailed in the blog below:

What Is a Shams E-Gaming License?

E-gaming is one of the latest and most popular business activities that you can find under the Shams activities list. The free zone offers multiple activities under the ‘E-sport and Gaming Activities License’ that comes with the Activity Code: 904. Consult with business setup consultants in Sharjah if you want to obtain a Shams gaming license.

Business Activities Permitted under the Shams Gaming License

The Shams E-sports and Gaming activity group permits a wide range of business activities related to online gaming. You need to select the right activity to obtain a Shams gaming license without any hassle. The following are some of the permissible business activities under the Shams e-gaming license:

  • Digital and Interactive Game Development (Class 9040)
  • Games Publishing (Class 9041)
  • Organizing E-Sports Events (Class 9042)
  • Organizing Digital Gaming events (Class 9046)
  • Organizing Sports & Entertainment Games (Class 9047)

How Do Shams Promote Gaming Activities in the UAE?

Shams free zone has actively promoted the e-gaming industry in the UAE by partnering with the UAE E-sports Federation. The free zone also collaborates with E-sports organizers across the UAE to bring local gaming communities under one roof. As a free zone, Shams provides the e-gaming companies with the necessary logistical and regulatory support so that they can organise tournaments and create content to develop the local and regional gaming and e-sports business. Moreover, the free zone authority has proclaimed that it plans to transform the Shams multi-media city into an e-sports conglomerate. Business setup advisers in Sharjah can help you obtain a Shams trade license.

An Overview of the Global and Local E-Gaming Market

Before applying for the Shams e-gaming license, you should check the performance of the gaming sector in both the local and international markets. A report from the consultancy firm RedSeer says the size of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) gaming market is projected to increase 19 per cent to more than USD 5 billion by 2025. Meanwhile, Mordor Intelligence says the value of the global gaming market is forecast to rise to USD 339.95bn by 2027, from USD 198.4bn in 2021.

Data provider firm Newzoo says that the gaming sector has about three billion participants globally. RedSeer says the UAE and Saudi Arabia lead the gaming industry in the region with the highest rate of gaming penetration. It adds that nearly 64 per cent of online adult males and 58 per cent of online females are into digital gaming in the UAE.  Localisation of gaming content increased spending from existing gamers, and rising advertisement revenue is likely to fuel the growth of gaming in the UAE and the MENA region.

Hire the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Setting up an e-gaming business in the UAE is a lucrative opportunity for gaming and e-sports entrepreneurs. Fortunately, the Shams free zone offers a unique e-gaming and e-sports license for entrepreneurs and even freelancers. However, seeking advice from business setup consultants in Sharjah such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help you obtain the license by navigating the free zone’s rules and regulations.

JBC is one of the leading company formation consultants in Sharjah with years of experience. We offer bespoke business setup services in the UAE so that you can easily navigate the rules and regulations of the government and the relevant licensing authorities. JBC can help you accurately select activities, determine an appropriate legal structure and properly draft legal documents. JBC’s bespoke company setup services in the UAE also encompass visa processing, assistance in bank account opening, and compliance services such as ESR, UBO, and AML-CFT. Consult with JBC today to turn your business dream into a reality.

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