Why Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai is Better than Hiring an In-House PRO?

Why Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai is better than hiring an in-house PRO

Setting up a business in Dubai is a highly lucrative option for foreign investors due to low taxation, ease of doing business, robust infrastructure etc. However, entrepreneurs need the support of PRO services in Dubai to navigate the bureaucracy, regulations, and obligations on their part. Most business owners initially hire an in-house Public Relations Officer (PRO). However, the success of this option depends on factors such as the individual’s experience, expertise, efficiency, attitude etc.

Your business will be at risk if your in-house PRO fails your expectations. Another viable and efficient option is to outsource your requirements to the best PRO firms in Dubai. However, you should understand why outsourcing PRO companies in Dubai is a better option compared to an in-house PRO. We have listed here some of the top reasons to justify this argument. Read ahead to know what they are:

Obtain Services at Reduced Costs 

By outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai, you can eliminate the huge cost associated with recruiting an in-house PRO. The fees you need to pay for PRO firms in Dubai are significantly lower than the expenses required to hire an in-house PRO. A PRO company can save you from spending money on an employee’s salary, gratuities, leave expenses, transport, and miscellaneous expenses. On the other hand, you only need to pay for the services you require while outsourcing the PRO services. You will also benefit from having access to a team of highly experienced and qualified team of PRO professionals who can promptly deliver the services.

Equips You With Prompt Updates 

PRO companies in Dubai deliver the latest, accurate & timely information regarding all the relevant government procedures requirements. You will not miss any new important update issued by a government department. The prompt delivery of relevant information will help you ensure compliance with all the legal requirements.

Supports With Dedicated Coordination 

The best PRO companies in Dubai will assign a client coordinator who will take care of our business needs. A dedicated coordinator will make sure that your time is efficiently used for key requirements such as obtaining permits, employee visas and other corporate and licensing documentation. Leading PRO companies have highly trained& experienced coordinators who will ensure that all the procedures are followed up with timely reminders and updates.

Save You From Fines and Delays 

Availing PRO services in Dubai from a trusted company is essential to ensure that all jobs are carried out properly, professionally and on time. Most businesses in Dubai incur fines when they miss important deadlines. It happens when their in-house PRO fail to remind the management about the deadline. Busy entrepreneurs rely on the efficiency of their in-house PRO to get things done.

However, a PRO with a lack of experience or expertise may lead you to unnecessary delays and fines. Recurring fines may damage the reputation of your company and even affect the cash flow. Instead of relying on the efficiency of a single individual, business owners can entrust a team of experienced professionals with their key business requirements. PRO companies in Dubai will notify you well in advance on all important dates to make sure that all your requirements are met before the deadline.

Transparency in Process, Documentation and Costs 

When you approach a reputed PRO company in Dubai with your requirements, they will provide you with all the detailed steps, requirements and timelines & discuss the same with you well in advance for each process. Apart from that, the PRO firms will give you all the relevant costs associated with the service including the government fee and professional charges. Every cost will be promptly notified with back to back government receipts & Statement of Accounts. Transparency is ensured when you get regular updates about the progress of the job.

Offers a Systematic & Secure CRM Approach  

Well, known PRO firms in Dubai manage their process through robust CRM systems, which allows them to safely manage all your documents. Such a robust system enables them to no deadlines are passed and no documents expired.

Provides Services Across the UAE 

The best PRO companies will offer services across the UAE in all the seven emirates. Apart from that they will be able to provide PRO services in all of the 40 free active free zones in the UAE. They can ensure complete coverage across the UAE as experienced PRO firms have built a good rapport with all the mainland authorities, free zone authorities and other government departments in all the emirates. You can outsource PRO services as a one-stop solution for meeting the requirements of multiple companies, and branches across the UAE.

Offers Tailor-Made Packages 

The biggest benefit of hiring PRO firms in Dubai is that you can get tailor-made packages, that fit your requirements. The scope of work can be increased as your business grows or can be reduced if you are looking to downsize.

Provides You Complete Peace of Mind 

Entrepreneurs are busy individuals who spend most of their time planning their business growth, expansion or seeking new investors. In such a situation, they might not like to be directly involved in processes like license renewal or any other paperwork. Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai allows business owners to focus on their core competencies as the PRO companies can take care of the major paperwork. In short, PRO firms in Dubai allow you to have peace of mind.

Jitendra Business Consultants Offer the Best PRO Services in Dubai 

Having access to efficient PRO services in Dubai is critical to running a business without any legal hassle. The best way to navigate your visa processing, license approvals and renewals is to outsource to the best PRO firms in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC). We can perform the follow-ups such as renewals and expiry dates of trade licenses, checking the updated policies and regulations regarding labour, immigration, chamber of commerce and other related government institutions. JBC’s PRO services in the UAE help your business easily connect with government ministries and departments, enabling you to effortlessly meet your daily operational requirements. JBC provides customised PRO services, tailored to your specific business requirements, taking care of all government-related documentation clearance.

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