PRO Services in Dubai: A Guide to Sponsoring Your Stepchild’s Visa

PRO Services in Dubai A guide to sponsor your stepchild’s visa

Expatriate residents are allowed to sponsor the residence visas of their step-children in Dubai by meeting certain conditions and requirements set out by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Since the conditions for sponsoring step-children are different from the regular sponsorship rules, you can avail of PRO services in Dubai to expedite the process. If you are planning to bring your step-children into Dubai, read the following article to get to know some key visa sponsorship insights:

What are the General Rules for Sponsoring Stepchildren in Dubai?

Expatriate residents can sponsor their stepchildren in Dubai but the visa will be valid for one year. The UAE residency visa of your stepson or stepdaughter can be renewed annually. You need to deposit AED 5,000 deposit for each child you wish to sponsor. The deposit must be paid to the GDRFRA and will be returned on the cancellation of the visa. The following rules must also be complied with:

  • The sponsor’s monthly salary must be over AED 6,000 including accommodation
  • The sponsor should submit an affidavit stating he can financially support the children
  • The children to be sponsored must go to school if they are of school age and need to be enrolled in an educational institution
  • You must submit a certificate from an authorised education institution in the UAE to sponsor a stepson who is over 18 years
  • Stepdaughters above 18 years must be enrolled in an authorised educational institution in the UAE with approval from that educational institution. A confirmation letter in Arabic stating that the daughter is not married must be attached
  • Special Approval from the Humanitarian Case committee of GDRFA must also be obtained

Can A Woman Sponsor Her Stepchildren in Dubai?

It is easier for a man to sponsor the UAE residence visas of his wife’s children from her former husband. However, if a woman wants to sponsor the visas of her husband’s children from his former wife, she needs to be in the category can sponsor her own family, such as a working mother. The GDRFA can permit the woman to sponsor her stepson or stepdaughter on humanitarian grounds which will be decided by the head of the department. Consultants providing PRO services in Dubai can help you determine if you can sponsor your stepson or stepdaughter. A woman can sponsor her stepchildren in Dubai by meeting the following conditions:

  • Earning a monthly salary not less than 10,000 AED
  • Working in professions such as a teacher, doctor, engineer or healthcare worker
  • Women who earn sufficient salary need not be employed in a qualifying profession. However, she should get special approval from the GDRFA

Confirmation of Guardianship of the Stepchild

Before applying for the sponsorship of your stepchild, you need to address and clear the questions regarding the guardianship of the child. The application will be approved by the director-general of the GDRFA if such concerns are cleared. PRO firms in Dubai can advise you on the guardianship requirements.

Requirements for the Legal custody of the Child

The mother of the children needs to obtain proof showing she has legal custody of her children from her former husband. This must be approved by the court in the mother’s country and also by the UAE Embassy and Foreign Ministry in her home country. Consult with PRO companies in Dubai to know further about this requirement.

No Objection Letter from the Father of the Children

A man sponsoring the visa of his stepson or stepdaughter needs to submit a NOC from the father of the children. The NOC should state that father of the children has no objection to the children moving to the UAE under the sponsorship of the stepfather. The NOC must be legally binding and must be approved and signed by the proper authority in the child’s home country. The NOC should also be approved by the UAE embassy and the foreign ministry in the child’s country.

Sponsoring a Stepchild if the Father is Dead

In some cases, the father of the child will be dead and the mother got remarried. If that is the case, the stepfather can still sponsor the children by getting a NOC from the grandparents or relatives of the child as per the law in their country. All documents must be official, legal and approved by the concerned authorities. Avail of PRO services in Dubai to easily navigate the mandatory documentation.

Documents Required to Sponsor Stepchildren in Dubai

By now, you may have gathered key insights on how to sponsor a stepchild in Dubai. However, you should also know about the document you must submit to the GDRFA to sponsor your stepchildren in Dubai. You need to submit the following documents:

  • Sponsor’s passport and Emirates ID
  • Sponsor’s IBAN (Bank Account Number)
  • Sponsor’s Salary Certificate/labour contract
  • Sponsor’s Tenancy Contract with Ejari Registration Certificate
  • Sponsor’s Electricity Bill
  • Child’s passport copy (colour), one photo and Attested Birth Certificate

Avail of PRO Services in Dubai for Getting a Visa for a Stepchild

Expatriate residents can leverage the insights stated in this blog to understand how to sponsor a stepchild in Dubai. The mandatory steps and procedures can be simplified by applying through the providers of the best PRO services in Dubai. You can consult with the best PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) to quickly get a UAE visa for your stepchildren. We can manage all the paperwork and assist you with approvals to make the process quicker. Bring your family into Dubai with our able assistance.

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