PRO Services in Dubai: Latest Requirements to Sponsor Your Parent’s Visa

PRO Services in Dubai Latest requirements to sponsor your parents’ visa

Expatriate investors and employees in Dubai are often worried about their parents living alone in their home country. However, expatriates can eliminate this pressing concern by sponsoring the UAE residency visa of their parents. Yet, there are certain salary requirements and eligibility conditions to meet. You can learn about these conditions and requirements by consulting with the providers of bespoke PRO services in Dubai. In this article, we discuss the latest requirements and conditions to sponsor the UAE residence visa of your parents.

Who Can Sponsor the UAE Residency Visa of Parents?

As per the regulations of Dubai, the parents’ residence visa can be sponsored by Son/ Daughter/ Son in Law/ Daughter in Law. If you belong to any of these applicant categories, you will be able to legally bring your parents into Dubai. All you need to do is to consult with the best PRO firms in Dubai and arrange the necessary documents.

Can I Sponsor Only One of My Parents in Dubai?

Expatriates should understand that they must bring both of their parents together in Dubai by sponsoring their residence visas. You are not allowed to bring only your parents at a time. You need to submit proof that you are the sole support for them and that no one else is there to take care of your parents. Talk to companies providing PRO services in Dubai to navigate these critical requirements.

Is There Any Exception if the Parents Are Not Together?

Even though the general rule mandates you to bring both of your parents together in Dubai, there are some exceptions to this rule as well. You can bring only one of your parents into Dubai if one of them has passed away or if the parents are divorced. In such a case, you need to provide official documents to justify your intention to sponsor only one of your parents.

You can provide a death/divorce certificate or any other valid document. However, such certificates should be attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country and Foreign Affairs in UAE with Legal translation in Arabic. PRO firms in Dubai can help you in submitting such documents to the relevant authorities.

What is the Salary Requirement to Sponsor Parents in Dubai?

The General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) has set a salary requirement to sponsor parents’ visas in Dubai. As per the GDRFA rules, the minimum salary to sponsor parents in Dubai is AED 20,000 per month. Consultants providing PRO services in Dubai can advise you in detail about the documents you need to submit in this regard.

Accommodation Requirements to Sponsor Parents in Dubai

An expatriate resident applying for a parents’ visa in Dubai must have a minimum of two-bedroom housing. You will be required to submit a tenancy contract (Ejari) showing that you are living in a house or apartment with at least two bedrooms. The GDFRA set out this requirement to ensure that the sponsor is capable of providing decent and healthy living space to his or her parents. Talk to PRO companies in Dubai to deal with the Ejari requirement to sponsor your parents.

Documents Required to Sponsor Parents in Dubai

Expatriates need to submit the following documents to sponsor the visas of their parents in Dubai. However, it is advisable to consult with PRO firms in Dubai to ensure the accuracy of the documents.

  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID (Original)
  • Sponsor’s passport & residence visa page and sponsor spouse. (at least minimum 6 months validity).
  • Partner/ Investor visa holder should attach Company/Personal Statements for the last six months, Trade License Copy list, MOA
  • Valid Salary Certificate ( If the sponsor is a Government/Semi-government/Free zone Employee)
  • Valid Labour Contract issued by MOHRE, if the sponsor works in Private Sector
  • Registered Tenancy contract / Ejari or Title Deed photocopy
  • Recent Electricity Bill if house owned by the sponsor (Not rented)
  • Passport copies (colour) of parents and one photo with white background Passport validity should minimum of 6 months and current visa (if Inside Country).
  • Consanguinity certificate to be obtained from their respective Consulate, which should be duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of UAE and translated into Arabic.
  • Parents’ National ID (for Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq Nationals)
  • Bank Account Statement for the last three months with bank’s seal (Online print will not be accepted)
  • Sponsor’s Bank Account IBAN Number
  • Affidavit (Dependency Certificate) attested from your Consulate stating that you will take care of the sponsored parents and be responsible for their wellbeing

Avail of PRO Services in Dubai to Sponsor the Visas of your Parents

Using PRO services in Dubai is the best way to navigate the requirements, conditions and procures associated with sponsoring the visa of your parents. Sponsoring the parents in Dubai is a straightforward process but the lack of knowledge about the immigration laws may lead you to unnecessary delays. However, the best PRO companies can assist you in the process with their expertise and experience in visa procedures.

Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) is one of the best PRO companies with years of experience in assisting businessmen and professionals with the processing of their own visas as well as helping in sponsoring their dependents. JBC also assists the expatriates in getting them UAE Golden Visas and Green Visas. Availing of our bespoke PROs services in Dubai helps you comply with regulations regarding visas, Emirates IDs, Medical Tests, etc. Bring your parents to Dubai peacefully by accessing our services.

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