How a Woman Can Sponsor Her Husband & Children in Dubai?

How a woman can sponsor her husband & children in Dubai

Expatriate women residents are allowed to sponsor their husbands and children and the process can be made hassle-free by availing of PRO services in Dubai. An employed woman can sponsor her husband and children in Dubai y meeting certain requirements, especially the salary. Navigating these requirements and providing the necessary documents may seem to be challenging for an applicant.

However, meeting the requirements for a woman sponsoring her husband’s visa will not be a tough nut to crack if assistance from the best PRO firms in Dubai is availed. If you are a female investor or employee wishing to sponsor your husband’s UAE residency visa, this blog post is a must-read. Read ahead to understand the key requirements women must meet to sponsor the visas of their husbands and children.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for a Wife Sponsoring a Husband in Dubai?

“Can a woman sponsor her husband in Dubai?” This must be one of the most pertinent questions female investors or professionals are concerned about. A woman can sponsor her family’s UAE residency visa if she earns a monthly salary of AED 3,500 plus accommodation. Women who do not meet the salary limit will not be able to sponsor their husbands or children’s visas in Dubai.  If you meet this salary criterion, you can sponsor your family’s visa by using the best PRO services in Dubai.

Documents Required to Sponsor Husband in Dubai

Women in Dubai sponsoring her their husbands and children are required to prepare and submit certain mandatory certificates and documents. Efforts made by a woman to sponsor her husband and children in Dubai will go in vain if the documentation is inaccurate or inadequate. However, PRO firms in Dubai can help you to ensure that your sponsorship documents are accurate and complete. The following is a list of mandatory documents required to sponsor your husband and children in Dubai:

  • Marriage certificate attested by UAE authorities
  • Original Passports, and copies, of both sponsor (wife) and family members.
  • Tenancy contract, Emirates ID and labour contract of sponsor/labour card
  • A salary certificate with attested work contracts
  • Medical check-up report of spouse or children over 18+ years of age from authorized hospital/clinic
  • Passport size photos (3 copies) of spouse and family members

Documents Required for Sponsoring Children in Dubai

By now you have come to know what documents need to be submitted by a woman sponsoring her husband in Dubai. A woman sponsoring her children in Dubai needs to submit another set of documents as well. Providers of PRO services in Dubai can help you to properly submit such mandatory documents for children’s visa sponsorship. The following is the list of documents required for sponsoring children’s visas in Dubai:

  • Birth Certificate of the child) must be attested by the UAE Embassy n the home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside the UAE)
  • No Objection Letter in Arabic from husband to sponsor the child by mother

Women Sponsoring Husband & Children in Dubai: How to Apply?

The process of a woman sponsoring her husband and children in Dubai is subject to a series of steps. The process can be simplified by using bespoke PRO services in Dubai. The steps associated with the process are listed below:

Apply for an Entry Permit

You need to apply for an entry permit if your husband and children are outside the UAE. Companies providing PRO services in Dubai can do this for you. Your family can travel to the UAE on an entry permit and you can complete the steps for sponsoring your husband and children in Dubai. If they are inside the UAE, you can apply for a change of status.

Fill Out the Visa Application

In the next step of visa sponsorship in Dubai, you need to apply for a visa application. This can be done with the help of PRO companies in Dubai. In this step, you can also get the application for your medical fitness test typed out, which will come in handy for you in the next step.

Get a Medical Fitness Test Done

Your husband needs to undergo a medical fitness test for getting the UAE residency visa. The medical fitness test must be performed at a DHA Medical Fitness test centre. Children below the age of 18 are not required to apply for a medical fitness test in Dubai. However, your children must appear for the test if they are only a month away from turning 18.

Apply for Emirates ID

In the next step, you need to apply for the Emirates ID, which can be done through PRO firms in Dubai. You must provide your address so that the authorities can deliver the ID to you.

Apply for Health Insurance

As per the laws of Dubai, health insurance is mandatory for your children and husband who are under your sponsorship. The health insurance should be provided by the sponsor.

Receive your Emirates ID

Once the visa sponsorship process is complete, you will receive the Emirates ID at the address you provided. Persons applying through PRO companies in Dubai can get their visas and IDs issued quickly.

Avail of Bespoke PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

A woman sponsoring her husband and children in Dubai may find the paperwork and the process intimidating. However, providers of bespoke PRO services in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC) can help you to make the process hassle-free. Being one of the best PRO firms in Dubai, JBC has helped out thousands of clients by sponsoring their families. JBC’s PRO services in Dubai can help you to navigate the complexities of visa application, immigration approvals, typing of documents, medical fitness tests, and visa stamping. Talk to us today to bring your family to Dubai without any hassle.

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