Top Instances to Make a Warranty Deposit for a Residence Visa in Dubai

Top instances where you need to make a warranty deposit for a residence visa in Dubai

Applying for a residence visa in Dubai is critical for investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and their dependents if they wish to live, work or do business in the emirate. You can easily navigate the visa processing hurdle by applying through reliable PRO companies in Dubai. However, some of you may have been required to make a security deposit or a warranty deposit apart from the processing fee while applying for a visa in Dubai.

To avoid any visa-related hassle, you should understand the circumstances where you need to make a security deposit at the immigration. Here is a list of situations where you need to make a security deposit for a visa in Dubai.

Sponsoring Dependents on a Partner or Investor Visa

Business owners and investors often apply for an investor or partner visa to do business in Dubai. The visa is valid for three years and allows the holders to sponsor their family members as well as domestic workers. If you hold a partner or investor visa, you will be required to pay a deposit for each dependent you intend to sponsor. You can make the deposit at the time of visa application with the help of PRO companies in Dubai.

Parent Sponsoring Students Over 21 Years

The UAE now allows parents to sponsor their sons until the age of 25. Earlier the age limit for male children was fixed at 18. In cases where a parent is sponsoring a male child on a student visa and the child is over 21, the sponsor is required to make a security deposit. PRO firms in Dubai can provide further information on the deposit money and the relevant process.

Sponsoring a Parent’s Visa

In Dubai, the residence visa of parents can be sponsored by their son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law. If you belong to either of these categories, you may be required to make a security deposit for each parent while sponsoring their residence visa in Dubai.

The deposit amount will be refunded after cancellation and exit. In case your application gets rejected, the amount will be refunded to your bank account without requiring you to visit the Immigration office. In certain cases, you may be asked to make a deposit depending on your profession or designation. However, the decision on the deposit will be made on a case-to-case basis by the authority.

Housekeeper OR Maid Visa

Sponsoring domestic workers in Dubai requires special requirements including a deposit. For sponsoring a maid in Dubai, you need to make a deposit of AED 2000 if she is outside the UAE. If the maid is inside the UAE at the time of sponsorship, a security deposit of AED 3,500 (including typing charge) should be made. Moreover, you will need to pay an annual fee at the immigration along with the application fee.

Sponsoring the residence visa of a maid in the UAE is a highly regulated process as several instances of human rights violations were reported in the past. The requirements for sponsoring a maid in Dubai may also vary depending on the nationality of the maid. Considering these special requirements, it is advisable for investors to seek the assistance of PRO companies in Dubai while sponsoring the residence visa of a maid.

How can you Make the Deposit?

The deposit for sponsoring the visas of your dependents or maid must be made at the time of applying for the residence visa in Dubai. The deposit can be made at the Amer Centre or through PRO companies in Dubai. Various payment methods are accepted for making the security deposit, including cash payments and payments via cards. You will receive a receipt after making the security or warranty deposit. This receipt must be kept safe as you will need it again once you apply for a refund later.

How can you Get the Deposit Refund?

The security deposit you make at the immigration is refundable. Sponsors of UAE residence visas can get the deposit amount refunded at the time of visa cancellation. Consult with the best PRO companies in Dubai to navigate the security deposit challenges without any hassle.

Apply for a Visa Through the Best PRO Companies in Dubai, UAE

Investors, entrepreneurs and employees need to understand the security deposit requirements while sponsoring the UAE residence visas of their family members or domestic workers. Adhering to the immigration norms is highly critical for you to navigate the visa processing requirements for which you can use the services of leading PRO companies in Dubai such as Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC).

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